Families in Winnipeg, Manitoba (or other cities in Canada) who are moving with kids need to remember that moving affects them as well. Obviously when a family is moving there are a lot of decisions and plans to be made. It is too easy to assume your children just roll along like nothing has changed.

It would be rare for a family to allow the children to have a say in whether or not your family moves but depending on their age it may be necessary to make interim arrangements. Once the decision has been made to move the first step is a family meeting to discuss the advantages of making the move. Don’t let a “for sale” on the front lawn be their first notification.

Always stress the positive about the new location. If possible allow the children to have some opinions about the new house. If you are beginning your search online ask them what their ideal home would look like. That doesn’t mean you have to give into every whim but sometimes just feeling involved helps your kids to adjust to the new reality.

Once you have narrowed down your possibilities, having your kids along on a house hunting trip is ideal, but not always practical. At least take lots of photos that they can view digitally while you are away. At the same time, you can also take pictures of interesting venues that they can look forward to enjoying.

Having a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines is also a big help. They can keep you organized and on schedule. The packing aspect of their service is a big plus. Rather than have the house in a turmoil for weeks in advance of the move they can perform the packing in a day or two. This will reduce the stress for you and will allow you to concentrate on your kids rather than ignore them at such a crucial time.

The age of the kids is a big factor that can vary significantly. Here are a few issues that can arise and some useful suggestions so that the move is easier on the kids.

Toddlers and Young Children

As hard as it may be to believe young children often feel a sense of abandonment. For some strange reason they think the family is moving without them. One way to alleviate this fear is to have the child present when the Premiere Packers are doing their room. They can point out their most precious toys and see firsthand that they are being taken care of the way they want.

School Age Children

Lack of familiarity and the fear of a new school and new friends are often on the minds of kids who are moving. If possible contact the new school in advance and see if it is possible to set up a mentor or an introduction to the teacher. Sometimes having a Skype chat is the perfect way to bridge this divide. Before the move takes place allow your kids to throw a party for their friends as well make sure they have email addresses, so they can contact their old friends.


Like school age kids making new friends is a big part of moving. Generally, they are too old for the mentoring option but checking in advance about sports teams and other recreational activities makes the transition easier. Sometimes if a student is in their last year of high school perhaps allowing them to stay with family or friends to finish the echo year is the best option.

Whatever you do never take your kids for granted. For more information about local or long distance moving with kids call our Premiere Van Lines Winnipeg Branch at 204-925-7795 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.