Proper packing for a move is key to having your possessions arrive undamaged. If your budget permits, hire a professional mover to pack all your breakable items as they have the expertise and proper packing materials. 

If you decide to tackle this task on your own, here are some professional tips for packing breakables:

Use the Right Materials  

  • Use the sturdiest cartons possible for packing dishes. You can purchase professional quality China cartons from your mover that are made of triple-walled, heavy-duty cardboard. Some big box stores also carry packing materials.
  • Purchase clean, white packing paper from the moving company or store. When it comes to packing dishes, the more paper used, the better.
  • Purchase wide, clear packing tape, and ensure it is of good quality. Cartons containing dishes and other breakable items must be securely sealed, top and bottom, due to the weight.
  • If you have collectibles or exceptionally fragile items, purchase a supply of bubble wrap to provide extra protection.

Use Professional Packing Techniques

1. Set up your cartons and tape the bottoms with wide packing tape. It is good to run the tape up the bottom third of the carton wall for extra protection.

2. Crumple 3” of packing paper and place it in the bottom of the cartons to cushion the items.

3. Use a packing surface that is large enough to work on. Protect the table surface and put the dishes to be packed on a stack of packing paper.

Packing Plates 

4. Place the plate on a sheet of packing paper, fold the paper up from corners to cover the plate, then fold over with another sheet of paper. Do this several times until you have a sufficient cushion to protect the plate. Then add another plate and do the same until you have a small bundle of plates

5. Always place plates on their side in cartons, never lay them flat. Put heavier plates in first and when you have a complete row, add more paper cushion, then add the next row of plates. If you have enough to fill a carton, add another 3” of crushed paper at the top, then seal the carton with packing tape.

Packing Glasses and Wine Glasses

6. When packing glassware and wine glasses, the same rules apply. Apply a cushion of crumpled paper for the bottom of the carton. If glassware is going into the same carton as plates, only use lighter weight glasses since they will be packed nearer the top of the carton.

7. It is best to pack wine glasses with heavy bottoms in a separate carton. This way, they can be packed at the bottom with cushioning.

8. Insert paper into the opening of glasses first, then roll them in packing paper. As with plates, it is essential to use enough cushioning at the bottom of the carton. Glasses and stemware should be packed in rows on their side with lots of crushed packing paper between the rows.

9. The tops of the cartons should always have enough packing paper inserted, so there is no give; otherwise, they may get crushed during transit.

10. Bubble wrap figurines, collectibles, and other fragile items for extra cushioning before packing them in packing paper.

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