Retail displays in Vancouver, British Columbia (or cities in Canada) have changed significantly in recent years. At one time retail displays consisted of tables, a few shelves, several mannequins and an occasional banner. Today, displays are larger, heavier, more complex and often have internet or telecommunications built in. With the advent of these newer style displays there is a definite need for professional retail display movers.

Whether you are opening a new store or relocating a retail store in a mall or a freestanding location, scheduling is important. It is essential that the retail move be done at a time that doesn’t disrupt the regular operations of any other stores in the same vicinity. Usually this means that the retail move must take place after normal business hours. This could mean late evening, overnight or extremely early in the morning.

A professional retail display moving company understands how best to position trucks, arrange for loading/unloading docks and to purchase permits if necessary. They are also totally familiar with coordinating with telecommunications or other third-party suppliers to ensure the work is done on schedule. If problems arise, the retail display moving company project manager can quickly determine what the problem is and what the best solution is to resolve it.

Having the correct number of experienced personnel is also key. Retail displays are extremely heavy and awkward. Retail displays are also often very delicate and valuable. Often there are numerous parts that must be disassembled and properly packed or crated to prevent damage during moving. They must be moved carefully by strong individuals who have both expertise and the right equipment.

Retail displays can include:

Display Racks
Wooden Displays
Gridwalls and Accessories
Slatwalls and Accessories
Grids and Slat Baskets
Raw Steel Displays
Forms and Mannequins
Large Graphic Banners
Acrylic Displays

Basically, if you are moving retail displays it is in your best interest to choose a professional retail moving company like Premiere Van Lines to get the job done safely, efficiently and on schedule. For more information contact Premiere Van Lines, Vancouver, BC at 604-530-2221 or your local Premiere Office at 1-877-671-6683.