Moving a retail store requires hiring a moving company that has extensive logistics experience, and the specialized resources needed to execute the move on time and on budget. From your perspective, the main goal when moving a retail store is to ensure that the move doesn’t negatively impact your business and its profitability; you don’t want to inconvenience your customers. In order to achieve this goal, the move must go off like clockwork.

Choose Premiere Van Lines for Your Retail Move

When you choose Premiere Van Lines to move your retail store, we will work with you and your vendors to develop a plan that will cover every aspect of the relocation. A project manager will be assigned to coordinate each stage of the move-out from the old location to the move-in at the new retail store.

If you are purchasing new store fixtures we will coordinate the pickup of these items from the manufacturer or their distribution facility. If necessary, Premiere Van Lines can hold your order on our trailers or at one of our local cross-dock warehouses until everything is in place for delivery to the new retail location. If you are moving merchandise inventory, shelving, display cases, counters, electronic equipment, storage racks, seating and other items from your existing store, we will schedule the move after normal business hours so as to minimize downtime for your business.

Our experienced personnel and large fleet of air-ride, flat floor, high cube trailers and other equipment will ensure that this process is completed in a timely manner.

Premiere Van Lines can also make the arrangements for the installation of equipment or work with your supplier’s installation team at the new location. We will also work closely with the property manager to ensure that all deliveries are made in accordance with any pre-set regulations. Our experienced personnel will take every precaution to guarantee there is no damage to your assets or to the retail property.

For more information on how Premiere Van Lines can assist you to move your retail store, please contact the Commercial Moving division at your local Premiere location.