Sometimes it is difficult to perfectly coordinate your move-out date from your old home and your move-in date to your new house. There could be a number of reasons why you find yourself in this situation. If you have purchased a home that is still under construction you may be in a position of needing to move into temporary accommodations until your home is ready. Usually this means that there will not be room for all of your furniture so you will need some place to store the excess for a few months. Or, there may be just a few weeks difference in closing on a completed home but either way you will need to store some or all of your furniture.

Storage Options

Obviously there are options available for storage. You could ask friends and family members to let you store some items in their garages or basements, but this means your furniture will be stored in several locations which will make the job harder when you are ready to retrieve things. As well, this kind of storage could result in damage to your valued possessions. You could rent a mini-storage facility but again if your household goods aren’t properly protected and positioned in the storage unit, damage could occur.

The Premiere Van Lines Difference

A much better idea is to use Premiere Van Lines for the move out of your old home; the storing of your goods at one of our climate-controlled, government approved warehouses and the delivery of your possessions to your new home when it is available. Not only are Premiere’s warehouses climate controlled facilities, they are fully alarmed, fire protected and pest controlled with regular inspections from fire marshals and officials from the Federal Government.

Premiere Van Lines will coordinate all of the details involved and as a one-stop solution, we will be totally responsible for ensuring your possessions are properly cared for until they are returned to you in their original condition.

Protecting Your Goods the PVL Way

Protection of your possessions begins with a detailed inventory of each item being moved and or stored. If some items are being delivered to a temporary address they will be inventoried separately from the items that are going to Premiere’s storage facility. When the truck arrives at the warehouse, each item going into storage is checked off on a warehouse receipt and their condition will be noted.

Sofas and larger upholstered items which are already stretch wrapped will be placed on proper chesterfield racks. Leather goods that should not be encased in plastic are carefully wrapped in clean moving pads. Area rugs will be placed in rug tubes and also stored on racks so as to protect them from being squashed or bent. Other furniture items will be wrapped in storage pads and then placed in clean wooden vaults. Everything will be properly positioned within the vault to ensure that no damage occurs during the storage period. All storage pallets and racked items will be labelled clearly with your identification.

When your new home is ready, Premiere’s warehouse personnel will ensure that all of your stored items are loaded on the moving truck. For more information about Premiere Van Lines’ moving and storage services contact us today!