Moving Across Canada Tips

You may have always dreamed of living in Vancouver or Halifax, or another great city or town in Canada. Now that you have decided where you are going, it is time to start planning your move!

Not A DIY Project

Long distance moving does not lend itself to renting a truck and moving yourself. For starters, do you know how to drive a large truck hundreds if not thousands of kilometers? What about loading the truck – do you know how to properly load so your furniture does not get damaged?

There are thousands of horror stories on the internet of people who attempted moving themselves. Customer service problems and safety issues with trucks that were not in good mechanical condition are the most common stories.

Do Your Research

Choosing to use a long distance moving company instead of trying to do it yourself is your best option. A professional moving company will help you put together a moving plan and help you stay within budget. They will provide you with advice, service options and will explain all the steps involved in moving across Canada. If you decide to do some or all of your own packing, ask for professional packing tips. The moving company can also sell you professional quality packing materials at a reasonable price.

By hiring a professional moving company, you will have trained and experienced personnel to perform the services on your move and clean, well maintained equipment. When they come to load the furniture, they will first walk through your home and look at everything to determine the best way to load and protect each item so that it doesn’t move or become damaged during transport.

Local Branches or Affiliations

Another important aspect of using a professional moving company on a long distance move relates to having a branch or affiliate of the company you hire available at your new home to help you get settled. They can provide unpacking services, arrange for appliance reconnection, and assist you with other services you may require. In the unlikely event that there is damage, the moving company affiliate in your new area will help you with the filing of a claim and will arrange for any repairs that are necessary.

Confirm Your Mover is a Professional

Before you hire a mover, check with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Canadian Association of Movers to confirm your mover is a reputable company. There are many rogue movers in Canada who will take your money and run or hold you hostage for more money. You will find many stories in the media about these rogue movers so take the time to investigate and confirm your mover is a professional.

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