Moving to First House

Moving From An Apartment To Your First House

When you live in an apartment in Edmonton or any other city in Canada, there are so many things you do not have to think about; they are built into your monthly rent. Moving from an apartment to a house means you will need to plan for the following list well ahead of your move-in date:

  • Arrange for utilities. You will need to set up hydro, gas, water, and sewer accounts. Ensure the utility companies do a meter read at your new house just before you take possession.
  • When you move to a house from an apartment, you are responsible for the outside maintenance and the inside. You will need to purchase or borrow a snow shovel, lawn mower, grass trimmer, rake, and other gardening tools.
  • If your new home does not come with window coverings (blinds or curtains), you will need to budget for these, which can be expensive.
  • Arrange for furnace and air conditioning service. Even if you had a home inspection performed, it is advisable to have the furnace and air conditioner serviced to ensure everything is running okay. Change the furnace filter as soon as you move in.
  • Check the condition of the furnace vents in each room. If they are dirty or the previous owners or tenants had pets, arrange to have the ducts cleaned.
  • Check the interior and exterior windows in your home to see if they need to be re-caulked. Gaps allow cold air drafts and insects to get inside. If any of the rooms feel colder than the rest, chances are the windows need to be re-caulked.
  • The furniture from your apartment may not fill or fit your new house. Take careful measurements and draw out a floor plan to ensure everything will fit. You may also need to purchase additional furniture or appliances.

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The level of professionalism by the moving crew should be the standard across the industry.  I will use your company again in the future.  Thanks for making things seamless.

Chris from Fredericton

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