You have found the perfect apartment to rent. It is in an ideal location, the rooms are spacious and you can hardly wait to move in. Now all you have to do is pass the landlord’s credit check, sign the lease and plan your moving-in party.

You might be tempted to use paint colours that suit your personality or hang wallpaper in the rooms. However before you go to the local paint store, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of your lease and have a discussion with the building manager. Many landlords require that you have permission in advance to make physical changes to the apartment. When they do allow these modifications they normally require that you repaint the rooms to their standard colour scheme before you move out or risk losing the return of your security deposit.

Moving into an apartment is a form of communal living. There are usually rules in place intended to provide all tenants with a pleasant living experience. Since you will not be the only person living in the building, you have to be prepared to be respectful and courteous to your fellow tenants. Some topics you should bring up before signing the lease include:


Some buildings prohibit all pets and others may allow a cat or small dog. Rarely are large breeds permitted in a rental accommodation.

Parties and Noise

Is all noise to stop at a certain hour? What happens if you have noisy neighbours? Is there a process in place whereby you can complain to management or is this something to be worked out on your own with the people in question?

Communal Areas and Amenities

Ask about any restrictions or fees above your monthly rent for using any of the building facilities.


Is the cost of an assigned parking spot included in your rent or is there a separate monthly charge? What about guest parking? Can guest park overnight or must they leave by a certain hour?


What utilities are included with your rent? Many of the newer buildings have separate meters for each unit, especially if it is a condo building that you are subletting from the owner.


Is there on-site maintenance staff? In the case of an emergency, who do you contact? Are there any types of maintenance matters that are the tenant’s own responsibility?

Not Renewing or Breaking a Lease

How much notice is required if you are not renewing your lease? What if something happens and you have to leave before the end of your lease, can you make your own sub-let arrangements? What monetary penalties are in place if you break the lease?

Moving into an Apartment

Once you have the answer to all your questions and have signed your lease, you need to make your moving arrangements. Talk to your building manager or superintendent to discuss your move-in schedule. Ask if there are any utilities you must contact directly. Arrange to book the elevator and loading dock if there is one. Make sure you are told exactly how long you have the use of these facilities for and ask if there is a penalty if the movers are not finished on time.

Using a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines will be money well spent. Their trained and experienced personnel will be more careful and efficient so that the move-in takes place in the time allowed. They also will make sure that no damage is done to the premises. That way you won’t find yourself making restitution to the landlord for repairs. Contact us today for more information!