When you’re moving, the question of what to pack your items in may seem like a challenge; some recommend using cardboard boxes, others recommend moving containers. If you’re wondering which is easier, the answer to this question may not be as simple as you would think. A lot depends on the type and size of items being packed, and whether you are only moving a short distance, to another city, province or country. Most people find that using a combination of both plastic containers and professional quality moving boxes is the best way to go. Keep in mind that regardless of the type of moving container chosen, the main goal is to make sure your belongings do not get broken or damaged during the move.

Here are some things to consider when deciding which type of moving containers to use on your move:

Plastic Moving Containers

Plastic moving containers are suitable for non-breakable items that are of a fairly uniform size and shape. They are ideal for towels, bed linens, books, DVDs, children’s toys, board games, folded clothing, and similar items. If you’re buying moving containers on your own, you get the added benefit of them being reusable, and you can use them for storage of items for years to come. They also won’t damage should water or any moisture get into them.

If you are renting moving containers, you will find that they generally come in a standard 2.4 cubic ft. size which measure 24” x 20” x 12”. That means you cannot use these containers for large or bulkier items. Some of the rental companies also offer a wardrobe container but you cannot exceed a total weight of more than 25 lbs. so you will have to be very careful not to over-pack.

Containers should be packed so that nothing moves around inside and are not too heavy. If you do use a plastic bin for breakables, make sure you pack the container with a cushioning of packing paper in the bottom and carefully wrap the items in the same way you would for a regular box. If you are buying your own containers, you will find that there is a little more choice of size, particularly with Rubbermaid products which have a line of heavy duty containers that are good for packing.  

Traditional Moving Cartons

Most households contain a wide variety of personal possessions that come in all sizes and shapes. This is why professional moving cartons are made in various sizes and strengths, including double-walled, triple-walled and telescoping. Professional movers know that using the right type of boxes and proper packing techniques is the key to making sure that even the most delicate item arrives at destination in pristine condition.

Each type of moving carton is specifically designed to accommodate certain types of items from fine china, crystal, lamps, small appliances, artwork, mirrors, chandeliers and more. Movers’ wardrobe cartons are also larger so that you will be able to pack all types of clothing in them, including heavier coats and jackets.

You can purchase professional quality moving cartons from your moving company, at a moving supplies company, or large home goods retailer like The Home Depot.

Environmental Considerations

From a purely environmental point of view, it is true that there is nothing to dispose of after a move when using plastic moving containers, but remember when they are no longer useable they cannot be recycled. On the other hand, cardboard and paper products are actively recycled in nearly every country.  

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