Moving from Halifax to France or Vice Versa? Premiere Can Help

From the rolling hills of Provence to the beautiful seaside area of Cote d ‘Azur and the dazzling sophistication of Paris, France is an enticing destination for people who want to move there for studies, career or to retire.

However, before purchasing your plane ticket there’s a few important things you need to know. For example, if you plan on staying in France for more than 90 days then you must first obtain a visa.

Keep in mind, you can’t visit France as a tourist and expect to apply for your visa while already in France. It’s essential to stress that if you’re trying stay beyond the 90-day tourist mark, without a proper visa, then you can be expelled from the country and might not be prohibited to return for an extended amount of time. The French government take their rules and regulations very seriously, so make sure you follow them.

Visas and Other Regulations

For residents of Halifax, the first thing to do is contact the Consulate General of France’s office in Montreal. Note that there’s no consulate office available in the Maritime Provinces.

They’re located at:

1501 McGill Collage

Montreal, QC, H3A 3M8


When you get there, you’ll be asking for information on applying for a “visa de sejour temporaire” (a resident visa). You’ll then be required to submit a number of documents with your application, including:

  • A valid passport
  • Financial guarantees such as a letter from your bank to verify you have sufficient funds to live on
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Proof of lodging in France such as a lease, promise of a lease or a title to a property

You might also be required to apply in person, although some offices will accept an application by mail. In general, it takes up to two months to process your application. If you’re planning to work or establish a business, then there will be other permits required as well.

The first step is to be issued a residency visa. However, once you arrive in France you must apply for a residency card from the administrative office of the town you’re residing in. This card must be renewed each year for the first three years, after that you can apply for a 10-year card, which is also renewable.

Duty and or Tax

If you’re moving from Halifax to France, you may import your personal effects and your household furnishings free of duty or tax, provided that:

  • You’ve owned and used them for at least six months prior to the move
  • Each item is itemized in a comprehensive list with their value
  • You can produce a French resident card or a letter from your employer

One exception to the no-duty/tax rule applies to automobiles. There is a value-added tax of 19,6% applied based on the current value of your vehicle. This fee is levied at the port of arrival.

Moving Your Household to France from Halifax            

Once you’ve sorted out your visa requirements then it’s time to organize the shipping of your household possessions. Moving internationally can be a complex process and as such should be left to the professionals. A company like Premiere Van Lines has its own international division that specializes in moving your personal possessions overseas.

We’re familiar with the customs regulations for each destination country and are experts in knowing what customs documents are required. We also have a network of affiliates in the destination country that will provide the settling in services that you want performed. A Premiere international consultant can answer your questions, guide you through the process and make all the necessary arrangements to provide you with a positive moving experience.

Moving or Returning to Halifax from France

If you’re considering a move to Halifax from France, the Canadian government will permit you to import your household goods duty free, providing you can obtain legal status in Canada in one of the following categories:

  • Returning Canadian Citizen/Resident
  • Permanent Resident through Employment
  • Permanent Resident through Family Sponsorship

Additionally, once the immigration piece of the process has been finalized, selecting Premiere Van Lines to handle the physical relocation of your possessions only makes sense. With our own international division and office here in Halifax (and throughout Canada), we take care of bringing all your goods into Canada, assist with customs clearance and get everything delivered to your new home.

For more information about Premiere’s International moving services to or from Halifax, Nova Scotia contact us here or call 902-468-4313. If you are planning your international relocation from another province please contact Premiere Branch closest to you at 1-877-671-6683.

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From the packers, to the men who loaded our possessions onto the truck, and especially the driver, Curtis who was a superb leader of the crew, they did a first-rate job for us, and were right on time and never stopped working till the load was finished and on the van.  Thank you Clint for giving us such great service at such a reasonable cost – you more than met our needs and we are very appreciative.

Marilyn and Gord from Ottawa

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