We have compiled a list of the most common moving myths to help ease your mind and to help you better understand what makes a good move.

Moving Myth #1 -All movers are the same

There are professional movers, and then there are rogues who will take your money and run.  Professional movers belong to the Canadian Association of Movers. A member must be thoroughly vetted and uphold a professional manner of conduct. They must have a proper warehouse, trucks, and crews. They must be financially stable, have a good reputation in the moving industry, and have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Moving Myth #2 -All movers can do cross-country moving

Many movers do not have an association with a major van line, so they will broker your shipment to another moving company. In case of a problem, you may have to go through layers of companies to resolve the issue.

Professional movers belong to major van lines and can move you anywhere in the country. Everything will be put in writing, including the moving quote, pick-up and delivery time frames, and any guarantees they offer.

Moving Myth #3 – All movers price the same

Professional moving companies charge by the weight and distance for a long-distance move and hourly for a move within the same city. They all have similar costs of sale; warehouses, trucks and equipment, fully trained crews, and support staff. Most professional movers belong to a major van line that provides support in marketing, operations, and finance on long-distance moves.

Rogue movers will quote you a lowball price to get the move, then ask for a large deposit or series of deposits. They will either subcontract your move to a low-quality mover or threaten that unless you pay them two or three times the amount quoted, they will not deliver your shipment.

Although the police will investigate fraud, it may take weeks to investigate and find your shipment.

Moving Myth #4 – Internet movers are ok

Many professional movers have websites and advertise or list on Google or other search engines. Rogue movers have slick websites and falsely advertise to get you to call them. Here are three steps you can take to ensure you are hiring a good mover:

  1. Contact the Canadian Association of Movers to ensure they are a member in good standing.
  2. Check their Better Business Bureau listing to ensure they have a good rating and have resolved past problems or issues.
  3. Check their Google rating.

For more information, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683. We are proud members of Alas Van Lines and the Canadian Association of Movers.