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Moving To Or Visiting Moncton, New Brunswick

Whether you are relocating to Moncton, New Brunswick, or planning a visit, there is so much to do and see in this Atlantic city.

Greater Moncton is the largest urban centre in New Brunswick, with a population of 140,000. There are public and private schools, colleges, and a university. Two hospitals serve the city.

Buying or renting a house in Moncton is quite reasonable with good public transportation. There are three beautiful beaches in Moncton; Parlee Beach has the warmest salt water in Canada.

There is 5 km of amazing trails to discover. Take a paddle adventure and paddle along the cliffs of the Bay of Fundy.

Moncton is also home to one of the largest farmer's markets in New Brunswick.  Watch a concert at the Historic Theatre, see the Atlantic Ballet perform, or go to Wharf Village, known for shopping and tasty food.

One of the most amazing experiences in Moncton is Magnetic Hill which defies logic. Stationary cars are pulled backwards up the hill!

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Your crew of Roy, Brandon and Brian were fabulous!! So helpful, pleasant and flexible.  Genuinely willing to give a hand. They worked quickly and were very efficient. Enjoyed our experience with them!

Donna from Calgary

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