Families in Edmonton, Alberta (or other locations in Canada) know that moving long distance requires a moving planner. A moving planner isn’t simply a self-made list of things to do. Instead it is a combination of someone to guide you through the process accompanied by written lists. This is partly due to the fact that unlike some local moves, a long-distance move should always be left to the professionals. Companies like Premiere Van Lines have the experience needed earned from moving hundreds (if not thousands) of families each year.  

Here is a checklist of issues you may not have thought of as it relates to a long distance inter-provincial move that can be avoided by using a professional mover:

Controlling Costs on a Move

There is where the Premiere Van Lines moving consultant really shines. This individual will meet with you to discuss your upcoming long-distance move. They will find out what is most important to you and will work to design a customized move that will meet your budget. The other really important issue is the accuracy of the quote. Premiere will always provide an estimate that doesn’t increase by more than ten percent. This is unlike some rogue moving companies that can double (or more) the price and then hold your possessions hostage unless you pay what they want. The moving consultant will work with you to find ways to save money like not moving items you no longer want or need. They will provide guidance and advice that will ensure the move goes off smoothly without excess work on your part.

Packing Damage Free

When you are moving long distance, it is imperative that everything be properly packed in the right sized heavy-duty cartons if the goods are expected to arrive damage free. Premiere Van Lines packers know how to expertly prepare any item regardless of size or shape. They use only professional quality packing materials. They also pack the cartons so can be stacked and tiered in such a way as to withstand the long-distance truck trip and arrive in pristine condition.

Transporting Safely and On Schedule

Long distance moving companies who are specialists in moving people from one province to another understand that proper equipment, personnel, scheduling and other resources are imperative for a successful move. As well, unlike a rogue mover, Premiere Van Lines will give you a guaranteed delivery window that they will adhere to. You will never have to wonder where your goods are and when they will arrive. In the unlikely event that you are considering a self-move you have to think of the hassle of renting a large truck that may not be in the best mechanical condition. For the average person the

thought of handling all the details involved in an inter-provincial move is overwhelming. Even the thought of attempting to drive a large truck hundreds or thousands of miles is too much for most people. There are just so many things that can go wrong on a long distance move without help from a professional moving company.

What Happens at Destination

If you choose to use a professional, long distance mover like Premiere Van Lines you will be assigned a destination agent to help you get settled including unpacking of any company packed cartons. In the unlikely event that anything has been damaged during the move the destination agent will assist you with filing a claim and arranging for local repairs. Having a designated agent to assist will provide the customer with the peace of mind they want at the end of a long distance move.

For more information contact your local Edmonton, Alberta Office at 780-455-4502 or your local Premiere Van Lines office at 1-877-671-6783.