Families in Victoria, British Columbia (or any city in Canada) know that unpacking and setting up the new household

packing boxes for a move

Most people underestimate the number of boxes they will need for their move. On average, a 1,500 sq. ft home will take between 40-60 boxes. If you never throw anything out, add another 25%.

Apartment Move

Once you have decided to move, the next thing is to go through your apartment and storage locker and decide what you want to move, donate, or throw out.


Preparing artwork for a move

For most people, their artwork is incredibly special to them. If you are using a professional mover, ask them to quote on professionally packing your artwork in specially designed cartons.

Packing dishes and glassware for a move

Proper packing for a move is key to having your possessions arrive undamaged.

Packing clothing for a move

Most people moving from Edmonton (or other cities in Canada) have a lot of their hard-earned money invested in clothing.

Unpacking after a move

The first stage of a move is pre-planning and packing. The second stage is loading the truck.

Moving to First House

When you live in an apartment in Edmonton or any other city in Canada, there are so many things you do not have to think about; they are built into your monthly rent.

Preparing for the packers and movers

The more prepared you are for a move, the better it will go. If you hired professional movers to pack your belongings, here are things you can do to prepare for their arrival:

office preparing to move

Whether you are moving a small office or an entire building, preplanning is the secret to a smooth move. The goal is to minimize disruption to the company’s business operations.


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From the packers, to the men who loaded our possessions onto the truck, and especially the driver, Curtis who was a superb leader of the crew, they did a first-rate job for us, and were right on time and never stopped working till the load was finished and on the van.  Thank you Clint for giving us such great service at such a reasonable cost – you more than met our needs and we are very appreciative.

Marilyn and Gord from Ottawa

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