Moving to a new home is exciting! In most cases, how you place your furniture in your new home will change from how it is placed now unless the layout is very similar. Here are some tips for moving and designing your new living space:

It is always best to focus on necessities, like the sofa, sectional, and chairs. Plan the layout of these items first in your floor plan and everything else around these pieces. If you can visit your new home before you move, measure the rooms so you can plan the layout ahead of time.

Pick your furniture first, then area rugs, then choose the paint colours.

Open Concept Living Room

Open concepts are great opportunities to float furniture in the space. Place your main piece of furniture across from the focal point in the room; a fireplace entertainment centre or large piece of art.

If the focal point is a beautiful window or patio door view, avoid putting a tall sofa in front of it, which will block the view.

Long Narrow Living Room

First, plan the walkway, then look at the placement of furniture. Use circular pieces like a round coffee and end tables to break up the long space visually. Mix heights in the room and create vignettes to visually shorten the room. You can do this by placing one or two chairs with a small table in between.

Small Space Living Room

Avoid putting large, chunky furniture in small rooms, as it can overwhelm the space. Stick to neutrals, which will give the illusion of more space. Float some of the furniture if possible. Keep the layout simple and avoid cluttering the room with too much furniture or knickknacks.

There are some free decorating apps to help you plan your space:

Homestyler App – the basic plan is free.

Houzz Design App – free.

Lastly, regardless of the living room layout, add some comfy decorative pillows and throws to make it feel cozy and comfortable.

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