Buckingham Palace, Westminster Parliament, Big Ben, the Thames River are just a few of the places that come to mind when one thinks of the UK. Of course the UK is made up of more than just England, but going if you are moving to the UK from Canada, these destinations will end up on your to-do list.

For Canadians, moving to the UK is an exciting thought that many actually take up the offer on. Getting your personal household belonging shipped abroad requires some pre-planning and the assistance of a knowledgeable moving company with its own international division. This type of move requires a company like Premiere Van Lines who has the expertise and international network to ensure that everything is done properly, so you don’t experience any problems. The last thing you would want when moving from Canada to the UK is an issue with customs authorities.

How Cost is Determined

Part of the pre-planning process will require a professional in-home survey and estimate to determine the size of your shipment, the method of shipping and the cost involved. Homes, condos and apartments in the UK are usually not as spacious as in Canada, and it’s important you know the exact size of your new home before planning to move the items of your current one. Similarly, since the UK uses 220v outlets, your current appliances, cords and other plug-in devices will require adapters; in this situation it is more beneficial to sell the appliances you can repurchase.

Unlike domestic long distance moves, where the weight of your shipment is the determining factor for pricing, a move from Canada to the UK is based on the volume of the space that your goods will take up in a shipping container. Therefore when the estimator comes to your home to do the survey, they will determine the cubic measure of your shipment.

Shipping and Service Options

In terms of available service, there are several options:

  • Air Freight – usually reserved for small shipments since this is fairly expensive.
  • Shared Container – the least expensive way where you pay only for the volume your goods occupy within the container, generally used with smaller shipments.
  • Exclusive Use of a 20’ or 40’ Container – you pay a flat fee for the use of an entire container. The size required depends on the size of your shipment and can also include automobiles.
  • Port to Port Service – this means that your goods are shipped to a destination port city and it will be your responsibility to arrange for pickup or delivery of the goods to your new home along with proper customs clearance.
  • Door to Door Service – a moving company makes arrangements with their affiliate agent in the destination country/city to pick up your shipment, complete customs clearance and deliver your shipment to your new home including set up, unpacking and removal of debris.

Cargo Marine Shipping Insurance

It is highly recommended that you purchase full replacement insurance for your shipment. Your homeowner’s policy will not cover you for goods in transit by air or by sea. It is best to be fully protected given the number of variables that can occur when shipping goods across the Atlantic Ocean.

Customs Documentation

One of the most critical parts of moving from Canada to the UK is the proper completion of the necessary customs documentation. This is where the expertise of Premiere Van Lines is important. Personal household goods can be imported into the UK duty free providing they have been owned and used for a minimum of six months prior to arrival in the UK. You have a maximum of 12 months after your arrival in the UK to import your belongings. You cannot sell any imported items within 12 months of importation without the explicit approval of UK customs authorities. Basic customs documents are:

C3 – This is the detailed declaration of your personal household goods. This document should be prepared in duplicate and have original signatures signed in ink. Faxed copies are not acceptable to UK customs officials. Handguns, narcotics, pornographic material, radio transmitters, trees, plants, shrubs, meat, poultry, or other animal products are prohibited items.

C104A – For motor vehicles that will be in the UK for less than 12 months. Also a copy of title/registration, insurance and original purchase documents are required.

C5 – For pets, you will also provide health certificate, proof of inoculation and import license. Dogs and cats are required to be quarantined in a government approved facility for a period of 6 months.

If you’re ready to make your move to the UK, let us at Premiere Van Lines help you. Contact us to find out more about international moving requirements, find Premiere Van Lines Branch closest to you today!