Office Moving Steps

Moving an office takes planning and preparation to avoid stress for the employees and disruption of your business. The first step is hiring a professional office moving company with the manpower, trucks, and proper equipment to handle your office relocation.

The second step is to get an accurate estimate of the costs. A professional office moving company will send a representative to look at your current office and the office you will be moving to. They will assess the manpower and equipment needed and any special services that may be required, like packing and office furniture installation.


Moving is an excellent time for your staff to clean out files, storage cabinets, and desk areas. If this is not possible during working hours, consider having your employees come in on a weekend or weeknight. Make it fun by ordering pizza or other food.

It is also a good time for IT to go through old equipment and cables. Sell any usable pieces and donate or dispose of anything that is not useable.


The office moving company will pack all items except employees’ personal belongings. Clean plastic moving bins will be delivered to each department so employees can pack their possessions and any files they need throughout the move. The moving company can also do the unpacking at your new location to keep downtime to a minimum.

Employee Communications

To help ease stress and keep your staff updated, send out move communications regularly. The office moving company will provide instructions on properly packing their belongings.

Hiring a professional moving company will ensure the office move goes smoothly, which means less stress and less downtime after the move. Contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683 to arrange an office moving quote.