Moving to a new home is an expensive experience. While it is tempting to save money by hiring a cheap moving company, this can lead to a host of problems. The pitfalls of hiring a cheap moving company are numerous, from damaged or lost belongings to being scammed by rogue movers.

Damage and Loss

One of the most common issues with hiring a cheap moving company is the potential for damage or loss. These companies may not have the same level of expertise or quality as more reputable movers. This can lead to the likelihood of damage. Not only will this result in financial loss, but it can cause emotional distress if cherished or irreplaceable items are damaged or missing.

In addition to property damage, another risk is the potential for hiring a rogue mover. This manifests in various ways, such as showing up late or not at all, lack of proper communication, or holding belongings hostage until additional fees are paid. Such experiences leave people feeling vulnerable and exploited during an already challenging time.

Rogue Movers

Moreover, there is considerable risk of falling victim to moving scams. Rogue movers will use deceptive tactics, giving low initial estimates then demanding significantly more money once your belongings are loaded onto the truck. There are many stories in the media of possessions being held for ransom until the inflated fees were paid. For instance, a family moving from Toronto to Vancouver was quoted $1,000 but asked to pay $5,000 upon arrival at their new home.

Do Your Research

It’s essential to research moving companies with the Canadian Association of Movers at 1-866-860-0065. Read Google reviews and get recommendations from family, friends, and realtors. Check the mover’s address to ensure it is a professional moving company with a warehouse and trucks.

Ultimately, the adage “you get what you pay for” is especially true in the context of moving companies. Prioritizing quality and reliability will lead to a smoother and less stressful moving experience.

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