If you are moving under 240 kilometers, it is considered a local move. There is so much to do when you are moving locally, and staying organized will help to reduce stress. Hiring a professional mover will also reduce stress and save valuable time. When planning a local move, break it down into stages:

  1. Pre-move
  2. Packing
  3. Loading
  4. Unloading
  5. Unpacking



Go through your home and garage and decide what you want to keep and what needs to be sold or donated. In addition, this is a great time to purge. This will save time on the move and save costs.

Cancel services

Make a list of all the services and providers you are currently using. Cancel lawn, snow removal, utilities, internet, cable, etc. And don’t forget to put in a mail forward online or at your local post office.

Booking a local mover

Book a professional mover as far in advance as possible, especially during the busy summer months. If you are moving during the summer, we recommend at least 6-8 weeks in advance. If you are moving during the winter, fall, or spring, 4-6 weeks is recommended.


Packing for a move is time-consuming and challenging. If you are doing your packing, allow enough time to get the job finished before move day. Start a few months early by gathering packing supplies and ensuring you have cartons in various sizes. You can purchase good-quality cartons and kraft paper for wrapping dishes from your mover or big box store. You can hire the mover to pack all of your belongings or just the breakable items like dishes, china, glassware, etc.

Label cartons

Put the room name that the carton is going into in your new home and what is inside, for example, kitchen – pots and pans. This will make the unloading at your new home go much quicker. Labeling the cartons will help save time when you are ready to unpack.

Loading and unloading

The mover will provide the driver and crew on a local move to professionally load and unload your shipment. Furniture items will be wrapped in quilted moving blankets, and upholstered furniture will be shrink-wrapped for extra protection. The local moving crew will unwrap all the furniture items in your new home and place the items in the rooms you designate.


If you hired the mover to pack your belongings or just the breakables, they will unpack the same day if it is not a big move. For a big local move, they will send out unpackers on the next business day.

If you are doing the unpacking, start with the necessities like bedding, towels, toiletries, food, and clothing. Then unpack the kitchen. As you unpack a carton, break it down when it is empty instead of leaving all the cartons to the end. Unpack the garage and out-of-season items last.

Staying organized before, during, and after the move will help you settle into your new home quicker. For more information on planning a local move and a free, no-obligation quote, contact Premiere Van Lines us toll-free at 1-877-671-6683.