Here is an ultimate post-move checklist to help you get your new home set up and organized quickly.

Once all the furniture and boxes are in your new home, focus on unpacking the necessities first. If your new home was not cleaned before the move-in day, unload the cleaning supplies first. Wipe out the cupboards and fridge, clean the bathroom, and vacuum the floor and closets.

Then start unpacking the rest of the necessities.


  • Paper towels
  • Pet food dishes/pet food
  • Have all the TV cables, DVD player, etc., unpacked and ready for the internet/TV service installation.


  • Dishes
  • Coffee maker, kettle, toaster pots n pans
  • Glasses


  • Towels, tissue, toilet paper, toiletries, blow dryer


  • Put the beds together. If you used a mover and they disassembled the beds, the mover will put them back together. Moving is tiring, and you will want a good night’s sleep on move-in day!
  • Unpack the sheets, comforters, and blankets, and make the beds.

Once you have finished unpacking

  • Break down the boxes and take them to the garage or recycle bin to make room.
  • Re-arrange furniture. Check where the electric outlets are for lamps, TVs, ext.
  • Hang the curtains or blinds if your new home does not have any .
  • We recommend that you wait to hang your pictures and mirrors until you are sure about the placement of your furniture. You can live with it for a few days and see if there is anything you would like moved around.
  • Put your cushions and throws on the furniture to make it feel like home.
  • Lastly, spend time between unpacking and settling in to explore your new neighbourhood!

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