It is official…you are moving. Your house in Mississauga, Ontario (or another city) sold quickly and thanks to Canada’s healthy real estate market you made a nice profit. Even better, you have found a new home that the whole family loves and are looking forward to getting moved and settled.

Now before that can happen you have to decide if you are going to attempt to do all of the work yourself or if you are going to hire professional packers and movers to do the job. Anyone who has ever done a “DIY” move will tell you that it is a lot more work than you may realize. Also, the packing side of moving is very time consuming. There are many drawbacks to a “DIY” move for the average family including:

  • Spending days packing and unpacking possessions (what is your time worth?)
  • Finding people to help you load and unload a truck
  • Being short-handed on moving day if not all helpers show up
  • Renting a truck that may turn out to be in poor mechanical condition
  • Additional expense to rent dollies, furniture pads and other equipment
  • Having to drive a truck if you are unfamiliar with this type of vehicle
  • Risking an injury to yourself or helpers that could result in time off work or expenses for rehabilitation
  • Causing property damage to your old or new home by trying to move bulky items
  • Dealing with inclement weather conditions when trying to move items out of/into houses
  • Taking too long to move out of house before new owners arrive to move in – may be responsible for some delay related costs

The above is only a partial list of the kind of problems associated with a “DIY” move. Unless you are only moving a few things or the contents of a very small apartment, choosing to hire professional packers and movers is really the wisest choice. This is especially true if you are moving long distance where everything must go in one trip.

Remember, if you are moving a minimum of 40km closer to your work, a new job or to start a business you will be able to deduct most of your moving related expenses against income earned in the new location. This tax advantage will help offset the cost of using professional packers and movers. This includes direct moving expenses like:

  • Packing services
  • Transportation services
  • Storage if required
  • Cost of Cargo protection coverage (insurance)
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Travel, meal and accommodation expenses on a long-distance move

In addition, if you are moving the required minimum of 40km you can deduct a wide range of other expenses including real estate commissions, legal fees, notary fees, utility disconnects and connect fees etc. For more information go the Canada Revenue Agency website and download the “T1-M” form.

Contrast a “DIY” move with what you can expect when you hire professional packers and movers like Premiere Van Lines to handle your move for you. Instead of being stressed, exhausted and frazzled from doing all the work yourself you leave the work to the experts including:

Comprehensive Move Planning

A professional move starts with an in-home visit from a certified moving consultant who will work with you to plan a customized move that meets your needs and your budget. He/she will prepare a comprehensive move cost estimate in writing so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Full Packing/Unpacking

Instead of spending several (or more) days of your own time to purchase packing supplies then doing the back-breaking work of packing, labelling and stacking tens (or hundreds) of cartons, enjoy having a professional packing crew do the work. The crew will bring the right size cartons, packing paper, room/content labels and other packing supplies. They usually get the job done in a single day so you don’t have to spend weeks with packed cartons strewn throughout your home. When you choose to have Premiere Van Lines pack your belongings they will have a unpacking crew available to unpack at your destination.

Partial Packing/Unpacking

If you really need to save money you can opt for a partial pack/unpack. Customers who choose this option generally ask to have china, crystal, collectibles, artwork and other fragile items packed and unpacked.

Furniture Disassembly/reassembly

When you choose a professional mover, they will disassemble any items of furniture that require this step before being moved. Then upon delivery at the new home they will reassemble the items.

Protective Coverings

All of your furniture will be carefully wrapped in clean, quilted moving pads for the move. Light coloured upholstered pieces will be shrink-wrapped first then covered in moving pads for maximum protection.

Proper Equipment

Professional movers will arrive at your home with the correct size of truck for your move. It will be fully equipped with dollies, appliance carts, moving straps and other items needed to safely move your belongings.

Professional Van Operator and Trained Crews

Companies like Premiere Van Lines only employ the most experienced personnel to handle your move. The Van operator/driver is the lead supervisor. He will direct his crew of trained assistants to ensure that your move is completed in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

Guaranteed Scheduling

When you choose a professional moving company, you can be confident that they will pack, load and deliver your shipment within the pre-established schedule.

As you can see, choosing professional packers and movers to handle your relocation will greatly reduce your stress levels, save you valuable time and ultimately make the move more enjoyable. For more information call our Premiere Van Lines Toronto Branch at 905-502-6683 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.