Knowing the questions to ask a potential mover before hiring one is essential. Why? Rogue movers are prevalent in Canada; they prey on the public and operate under several different names and websites. There are many horror stories in the media about rogue movers holding goods for ransom. Or, they asked for the money upfront, then did not show up on moving day.

When you contact potential moving companies, ask them the following questions to ensure they are professional and reliable.

Where is your office located?

Beware of a mover that doesn’t list their address on their website. If they do, Google it or drive by the address to see if it is an apartment or a residential house because this is a red flag. It indicates that they are not a professional moving company with trucks and a warehouse.

Can I visit your premises?

A rogue mover does not want you to see where they do business as most do not have a proper warehouse and truck yard. By contrast, a professional mover will welcome you to drop by to view their premises.

Is my move quote guaranteed?

A professional moving company will provide you with a detailed quote which outlines all the charges for your move. This is usually based on an in-home visit to view the items to be moved. The final cost of your move is guaranteed not to exceed 10 percent of the estimated cost. This is providing nothing is added to the shipment after the in-home survey and no additional services are required.

 A professional and reliable mover provides a quote in writing. A rogue mover will not send anyone to your home and their final cost can vary wildly from what you were expecting.

Do you have insurance coverage, and who are you insured with?

A professional mover has the proper insurance in the event of a vehicle accident, including public liability coverage. This means they can also offer you full-value replacement cargo protection to cover your shipment while it is in transit. Rogue movers will often broker your move to a third party, or they have no plans to service it at all.

Final steps

The final step is to check with your local Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) to verify your mover is a member.

For more information on the type of questions to ask potential movers or to arrange a moving quote, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683.