There are a few reasons why you may need storage services when moving.

You may have bought a new build, and it will not be ready in time. Or, you are renovating your new home, and there is a delay. Another reason you may need storage is that you have yet to find a new home but need to be out of your current home. Or you are renovating or selling your existing home and need to store furniture temporarily.

Professional storage services

Using a professional moving company for storage is recommended. Their warehouses are climatized, sprinklered, pest controlled, and insured. All your belongings are wrapped in quilted moving blankets first, then loaded into large wooden crates.

Upholstered furniture like sofas and large area rugs are wrapped in shrink wrap and are stored on specialized sofa racks. This keeps out dust and dirt.

And, if you need access to some of your items in storage, this can be arranged with your professional mover with 24-48 hours’ notice.


If a self-storage facility is not climatized, you run the risk of condensation with weather changes, making your upholstery items smell moldy and damp. Wood pieces can warp if they are not stored in an environment with humidity control.

The cost of storing your furniture in a professional moving company’s warehouse may be more than in a self-storage facility, but there is less chance of damage and mold. In addition, you will need to buy or rent moving blankets if you use a self-store storage unit.

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