Moving an office from one location to another requires a lot of preparation to ensure that it doesn’t negatively impact a company’s operations. Corporations in Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario or other cities know that an office move causes disruption to normal procedures and can cause stress to many employees.

It is no secret that people don’t like change even if it means that their lives will be improved by newer and better facilities. However, the end goal is simple… to move the office efficiently, on budget with minimal impact on the day to day operations and on employees.

The best way to ensure that your office move goes smoothly is to hire the services of a professional office moving company like Premiere Van Lines. Premiere has the experience gained by moving hundreds (if not thousands) of small, medium and large offices. They understand what is involved and have the equipment, resources and personnel needed to handle the office move and to resolve any unexpected issues that may arise.

Here are some tips a professional company can help ensure that your office move goes smoothly:

Getting an Accurate Estimate

A professional moving company will ensure that a comprehensive pre-move estimate is prepared. This individual will do a complete walk-through of the current premises to determine what items are to be moved, what additional services are required and if there are any areas of concern. This same person will review the requirements at destination either in person or by going over blueprints. The final estimate will itemize the number of hours required, the number of personnel and the cost of various types of equipment. If there are areas where costs may be subject to change, that will be noted in writing.

Assignment of a Project Manager

A company like Premiere Office Movers will assign a dedicated project manager to help plan all the details of your office move. This individual will act as liaison with whomever the corporation assigns as their internal move manager. The move manager will coordinate with Premiere’s operations department and any third-party service provider involved in the office move. The project manager will work with the relocating company from start until finish. They will be responsible for resolving problems and for the overall supervision of the project.

Availability of One Stop Shopping

Premiere Van Lines Office Movers has its own dedicated, factory trained installations division that can disassemble, reconfigure or install any existing or new office systems. By having this service handled by Premiere, this eliminates the need to bring in a separate installations company. Premiere can also coordinate with computer, internet, telecommunications or other providers to efficiently handle the transition.

Acceptance of New Furniture

Since Premiere has its own clean, modern warehouses we can accept delivery of new furniture items intended for the office move. We will store these goods in a designated location and then will deliver them on schedule to the new location.

Efficient Packing and Unpacking

To help a relocating company, Premiere recommends that you suggest employees dedicate a day or more to the cleaning out of old files that don’t need to be moved. A company can consider paying employees overtime to do this on a weekend or it can be done in departmental stages on a regular workday. We can provide internal drop off centres and then arrange for shredding or disposal. Our professional packers will efficiently pack all items except for employees’ personal possessions. Artwork and other fragile items will have custom built wooden crates built if necessary. Clean, plastic moving crates will be delivered to each department, so employees can pack their own personal goods. At destination unpacking services are available to help a company get settled.

Additional Equipment

Occasionally unforeseen issues arise on a move that may require additional or different types of equipment. When you choose a company like Premiere they always have what is needed even flatbed trucks or cranes.

Dispersal of Excess Furniture

When a company moves they often have excess furniture that they do not want delivered to the new location. Premiere can provide storage or disposal services so that this is one less thing that a company must deal with during an office move.

Employee Notifications

A professional moving company will assist the relocating company in advising and keeping employees informed about the upcoming move. They will also provide proper packing instructions to employees.

As you can see, having a professional moving company involved in your office move will go a long way towards making sure the move goes smoothly. For more information call our Premiere Van Lines Mississauga Branch at 905-502-6683 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office to discuss.