Moving involves a lot of planning and people sometimes forget about their outdoor items like swing sets, playhouses, and trampolines. While it is not common, some families also take their garden sheds or hot tubs when they move.

Many of these items must be disassembled before they are moved and reassembled at your new home. This is where hiring a professional mover makes sense. They will ensure the appropriate number of personnel are assigned to properly disassemble and reassemble these items at an additional cost.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when moving outdoor items:

  • Barbeques can be moved with your furniture items – the grills should be wrapped separately.
  • Propane tanks cannot be transported on the moving truck as they are dangerous goods, even if they have been purged. Plan to sell or give away the tank and replace it with a new one at your new location.
  • Outdoor furniture should be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed before being moved to ensure no insects end up on your moving van. Remember, the rest of your indoor furniture is on the moving truck as well.
  • Disassembling swing sets, playhouses, play structures and garden sheds by your moving company will usually include them either numbering pieces or making a sketch for reassembly.
  • Hardware items for swing sets, playhouses, play structures, or garden sheds should be carefully wrapped, labelled, and put in separate pouches or cartons.
  • Sometimes by virtue of disassembly, new hardware may be required if the originals cannot be safely used for re-assembly.
  • Trampolines and hot tubs (depending on their size) need to be disassembled. If you no longer have the owner’s manual with instructions go online to find the appropriate one.
  • Lawnmowers and any other power tools for gardening should be drained of gas and cleaned prior to moving day.
  • A professional moving company will create a detailed inventory and will note any pre-existing damage. It is a good idea to have your own set of photographs in the event of any damage.

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