Safety should be top of mind for families in Edmonton (or another city) when deciding on long term storage. Whether you are being sent overseas on an assignment or are having a new home built, storing your belongings long term may become a necessity and should be preplanned. The first thing to determine is “where”. News reports abound about unprofessional moving companies storing goods in a haphazard manner in old barns or mini storage units.

It is important that your belongings be properly stored to avoid loss or damage. Select a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines to prepare your belongings and to move them in to long term storage. Premiere will pack your possessions carefully, paying special attention to fragile items. All of Premiere’s locations have:

  1. Federal government approved warehouses
  2. Warehouse personnel to ensure goods are properly stored
  3. Warehouses that are pest controlled, alarmed and sprinklered
  4. Proper wooden storage pallets 
  5. Moving furniture pads designed for pallet storage
  6. Chesterfield racks
  7. Plastic wrap for upholstered furniture
  8. Comprehensive records so goods can be easily accessed if you need to add/remove items

If you decide to prepare your own belongings for storage here are a few tips to help you prepare your possessions:

  1. Use only new, mover quality cartons -these can be purchased from Premiere at a reasonable cost. Do not use flimsy cartons
  2. Label cartons clearly with a list of contents- this will make it easier to retrieve items and will help with unpacking after your goods come out of storage
  3. Do not place items in plastic bags – moisture can build up and cause damage
  4. Carefully vacuum furniture and apply furniture polish to wooden areas 
  5. Clean and dry appliances particularly refrigerators and dish washers. Premiere will store these with the doors propped open for circulation
  6. Put an opened carton of baking soda inside fridges and freezers to eliminate odours
  7. Have ice makers professionally disconnected and have excess water drained

For more information about storing your belongings contact our Premiere Van Lines Edmonton office at 780-455-4502 or contact Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.