Many of us are working from home due to COVID and it may be the end of the year or longer before offices open back up for staffing. Having a defined space in your home is key to being productive.

If you are moving to a new home, the first step is to decide what room or area in your new home will be your office. Some points to consider:

  • Does it have proper lighting?
  • Does it have a door that can be closed?
  • Will your current desk fit in the room?

No dedicated room for an office? You can set up an office in many areas/small nooks in your home; in a large closet, under the stairs, living room, etc. Here is a link that shows creative ways to set up a home office:

If you are moving long distance, pack a box with items you will need immediately to get your office set up such as pens, papers, scissors, stapler, and files that you need to work on right away. Label the box “Office Set up Box” and ensure the movers load this last on the moving truck so it will be one of the first items unloaded at your new residence.

Once the movers arrive at your new home, set up your desk, chair, computer, printer, and task lamp. If the room is small, consider using the closet to store files and boxes you will not need right away. This will keep your office free from clutter. If that is not an option, consider investing in some decorative storage bins to keep everything confined.

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