Packing for a move is a tiring job but proper packing is essential if you want your possessions to arrive at your new home in the same condition as they were before the move. Here are 8 common packing mistakes to avoid:

Not Purging Before You Begin Packing

Before you begin packing you should decide if you really need every item. It is human nature to want to hang on to things even if you haven’t used them in a long time. Moving is your opportunity to sell, donate or dispose of things that you don’t need, that are broken or worn out. Why spend your time and energy packing up things that no longer serve a purpose?

Not Allowing Enough Time

Packing up an entire house is a big job for the average person, it is time consuming and tiring. Leaving the packing to the last minute is one of the biggest packing mistakes you can make. If you plan to do all of your own packing instead of having it done by the professionals employed by your moving company, then you should allow yourself at least a few weeks to get the job done; that way you can pack in stages. Start with the things you don’t use regularly, for example, those good dishes that are only used on special occasions will require special care. Things stored in the basement, garage or garden shed can usually be packed well in advance of the move. Try to set a few hours aside each day when you know you don’t have any outside commitments.

Not Obtaining Enough Packing Supplies

Being organized is the secret to efficient packing. Most people underestimate the number of boxes required to pack a normal size household; as a guide it will take between 40-60 boxes to pack up the average 1500 sq. foot home. Today it is difficult to get free boxes so most people will purchase their packing supplies from their moving company, a moving supplies depot or a big box store like Home Depot. Don’t forget to buy packing paper and good quality packing tape. Most places will accept returns for unused material.

Not Using the Right Type of Boxes

Moving boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different types of possessions. Another common packing mistake is to put very heavy items into a large box, this will make it very difficult to move. No box should weigh in excess of 50-60 lbs. Fragile items like good china and crystal require maximum protection, which is why professional movers have special triple wall china boxes designed specifically for this purpose. Lamp shades should always be packed in a medium or large boxes with lots of crushed packing paper filling in the spaces around the shade. Sometimes you can use small throw pillows for this same purpose. Clothing can be packed in boxes, but purchasing or renting proper wardrobe boxes will allow you to hang the clothing directly from your closets. They will arrive wrinkle free. If you purchase this type of carton you can use it for “out of season” clothing storage in your new home.

Not Removing Items from Drawers

You can leave clothing items in the drawers so long as they are not so full as to add a lot of extra weight to a dresser. However, remember to check to make sure there are no breakables left in the drawers.

Not Disposing of Flammables and Hazardous Goods

There are some items that cannot be put on a moving van. Aerosols, flammables and corrosives are prohibited by law for transport. Your moving company can provide you with a checklist of the types of items that must be disposed of or moved by yourself in your own automobile.

Not Labelling Boxes

Do not make the packing mistake of not labelling your boxes with at least a general description of the contents and the name of the room that it belongs in. Taking the time to properly label your boxes will make the move-in and unpacking process much easier. Professional movers like Premiere Van Lines can provide you with pre-printed, colour coded labels to make the job easier.

Not Packing an Essentials Box

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to pack a special box with essentials needed for the first night in your new home. By the time you get moved in everyone will be exhausted and the last thing you want is to spend hours searching through numerous boxes for basic necessities like toiletries, towels, pajamas, medication, toilet paper, face soap etc. Remember to keep this box away from the rest or with you directly.

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