Families moving from Edmonton (or other Canadian cities) would be wise to use a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines in order to avoid some of the most common mistakes that can be made. Premiere’s move planning makes the difference between a successful and a less successful move. Your Premiere consultant (or planner) will provide you with practical advice and guidance that will help you avoid these mistakes.

People who don’t use a professional moving company often make the top moving mistakes including:

Moving Unnecessary Items – Do you really need to move all of your old high school and university textbooks? Not only do you have to take the time to pack them but it can also cost you money. On a local move, moving unnecessary items will add time to your hourly costs and on a long distance move it is added weight which will impact your final moving cost since you are paying for the net weight of the goods moved. 

Underestimating Packing Material – there are specific cartons for specific items. When you survey your own home it is difficult to estimate exactly how many (and what size) of cartons will be required to pack all of your belongings. Your Premiere consultant has been trained in properly estimating what is actually required. Even if you are doing some (or all) of your own packing they can sell you the proper cartons at a reasonable price. If you are moving on a local basis, they can even rent wardrobe containers so your clothing can be moved on hangers, saving you hours of ironing time or the cost of dry cleaning.

Having Enough People to Handle the Move – If you are doing your own move, it is sometimes difficult to get family or friends to commit to helping you with the move. People today are busy and have their own commitments. Others are concerned about getting injured moving heavy or awkward shaped furniture. With Premiere, your consultant will arrange for the proper number of trained crew members so you won’t have to be concerned about these kind of issues.

Not Having Adequate Coverage in Case of Damage – When you use a professional moving company your Premiere move planner (consultant) will discuss cargo protection with you in the unlikely case that any damage occurs. Movers are legally prohibited in referring to this coverage as ‘insurance’ unless you are moving overseas. The driver and crew working for a professional moving company has skilled, trained workers but accidents can still occur. If you are depending on your homeowner’s policy to repair or replace any damaged items, you should be aware that regular policies carry more restrictions to coverage. In addition, if you make a claim your insurer could increase your rates annually for many years to come. Purchasing full replacement coverage through Premiere Van Lines will guarantee that you have the coverage you need.

Scheduling Your Move On the Wrong Day – It is wise not to plan to move into your new home on closing day. There can be delays in getting things through the courthouse and obtaining the keys. Your Premiere moving consultant will discuss this issue with you in advance. There is nothing worse than paying a mover waiting time because you don’t have possession of the house when you thought you would.

For more information about planning your next move contact our Premiere Van Lines Edmonton office at 1-780-455-4502 or call Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.