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If you’re a family looking for most professional moving services in Moncton, New Brunswick or any other city across Canada, you’ll find everything you need with Premiere Van Lines. To start, we understand that successful moves require more than a truck and a few men with strong backs. The best way to lower moving stress levels is to hire a professional moving company that pays meticulous attention to detail and offers well-trained, trustworthy staff who can settle you into your new home as seamlessly as possible.

Check out these top moving services you’ll receive when you entrust your relocation with Premiere:

1. Your Personal Moving Consultant

Premiere Van Lines understands that every family has unique needs when it comes to moving services. Unlike some movers who only take information over the phone and rattle off a price (that’s rarely accurate), Premiere starts the process by assigning a personal moving consultant to meet with you at your home.

Your consultant will also take the time to tour your house and record exactly what items are to be moved. He or she will prepare a detailed inventory of items for you. Your consultant will then sit down and discuss your individual needs, including packing services, automobile transport, storage, accessorial services pet relocation, housecleaning, garden shed or play structure disassembly and reassembly etc. He or she also will suggest service options that can help you stay on budget and provide useful moving advice and tips.

By taking these steps, your Premiere consultant will create a totally customized moving service plan for you with an itemized and accurate cost estimate.

2. Full or Partial Packing /Unpacking Service

Everyone knows that packing for a move is hard work and time consuming. Depending on your personal circumstances you may choose to either have the moving company do all your packing, or do it yourself. If you decide to have Premiere do all your packing, you can rest easy knowing all your valued possessions will be entirely protected. If you’re trying to save money, you can consider having the movers pack only your breakable and fragile items.

Not only do we assure professional, quality packing materials, but Premiere will also offer professional tips and handle any unpacking tasks you might require. Arrangements can be made for a put-away service at a reasonable fee.

3. Custom Moving Schedule

As part of the pre-planning process your Premiere representative will discuss loading and delivery schedules with you. A practical piece of advice to consider is to avoid moving into your new home on your close date. The reason being that there can be unexpected delays with any closing. Trying to move in on the same day that previous owners are moving out can cause frustration and in some cases, increased costs.

Also, if you’re moving long distance be aware that your shipment will generally not be the only one on the moving van (unless you’ve booked exclusive use). Today’s moving trailers can hold up to 30,000 lb. of household possessions and most families don't have anywhere near that quantity of goods. Therefore, pooled van service is how long distance moves are completed. Since individual shipments are carefully separated, you don’t have to worry about anything getting mixed up with another customer’s.

With any long distance move, you’ll select the loading date and Premiere will assign a date range for delivery tied to the distance being travelled and the weight of your shipment. We’ll always do our best to meet your preferred delivery dates, and in the unlikely event that we’re ever late on agreed schedule, compensation is available.

4. Storage Facilities

If you require storage for a few weeks, months or even a year or more, Premiere can help. All our warehouses are government inspected/approved, clean, dry, pest-controlled, fire-protected and alarmed against break-ins. Your possessions are always stored in clean, wooden storage vaults and upholstered furniture will carefully be shrink-wrapped and stored in specially designed chesterfield racks.

Items are also carefully inspected for any damage when they’re delivered into storage, and once again when they’re readied to be delivered to your new home. A detailed inventory is maintained to assure all possessions are accounted for at time of delivery.

5. Moving Planner

When you’re moving, there are a lot of people you’ll need to contact about the upcoming relocation. Everything from change of address notification, disconnection/connection of utilities, obtaining of school, medical, dental records etc. need to be attended to. That’s why your Premiere consultant will provide you with a week-by-week moving calendar to ensure nothing is missed.

To make your big move as easy and stress-free as possible, call our Premiere Van Lines Moncton office at 506-857-0050 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office today.

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I certainly do well when I mention the Premiere Staging package – first time – and the property sold in eight days – the second property in one day!  Thanks again for going the extra mile – once again, to help me serve my clients to a Premiere standard!

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