Companies in Winnipeg, Manitoba (or cities across Canada) who are interviewing commercial movers for their corporate relocation should be prepared to ask a number of important questions. Commercial moving is a specialized service, so it needs a mover who has specialized expertise.

This is why companies like Premiere Van Lines have a separate division dedicated to commercial office or industrial moving. We understand that commercial moving requires more than just trucks and a moving crew. We know that a poorly executed commercial move can negatively affect a client’s business operation in a number of critical ways.

Here are some important questions to ask potential commercial movers before awarding a contract. You should carefully compare their answers and where possible, check their track record.

1. How Do You Price a Commercial Move?

The moving company should explain that they will send one of their commercial moving consultants to meet with your company to do a comprehensive assessment of what will be involved in your move. This individual will do a tour of your entire premises to determine:

  • How many work stations that need to be disassembled and then reassembled
  • How many desks, credenzas, book cases, file cabinets and other case goods to be moved
  • How many computers, copy machines and other equipment to be moved
  • How many bins required for packing files, documents and other items
  • If there is artwork or other valuable items to be packed and moved
  • If special equipment is required to handle the move
  • The number and types of trucks and moving equipment needed
  • The number of personnel needed for the move out and move in
  • What third party services are needed

Once this assessment is completed your moving consultant will prepare a detailed cost estimate so that you can properly compare estimates from competing commercial moving companies. You should be cautious about any estimate that is significantly lower than other estimates or one that doesn’t provide a breakdown of costs.

2. How Will You Manage Our Move?

A professional commercial moving company will explain that they will assign an experienced office/industrial specialist to act as your project manager. This individual will be tasked with working with your assigned in-house contact to coordinate all the services needed to complete your commercial move on schedule and on budget.

Once you have chosen your commercial mover your project manager will work with you to discuss moving options, scheduling and other pertinent details. Floor plans and truck access for the new location will be reviewed. Arrangements will be made if third party services are needed. A moving checklist will be provided to help keep the client and employees organized.

3. Do You Have Your Own Installers?

Most commercial moves require the dismantling and reassembly of employee work stations. It is important that the mover chosen has the expertise to handle this task. Companies like Premiere Van Lines have dedicated personnel who have been factory trained on a wide variety of office systems. Having this expertise in-house increases efficiency during the move.

4. Do You Have Your Own Storage Facilities?

Some clients may have purchased new furniture or equipment and need a moving company that can accept delivery from the manufacturer and store it until it is time to have it delivered to the new location. Other clients may want to store excess furniture on a short or long-term basis in case it is needed in the future. Choosing a mover with its own government approved warehouse is a plus if these services are required.

5. Can You Assist with Disposal of Excess Items?

As part of a “one stop shop” commercial moving service, having the capability to handle the disposal of excess furniture and equipment is a benefit for most clients.

6. Can You Provide References?

When asking for references you want to make sure that the commercial moving companies under consideration have done moves similar in size and complexity to your own. In other words, if you have a multi-floor move and the mover has only done small moves then they may not be capable of handling your move. Also, you don’t just want the names of companies, you either want a contact name at the reference or a written testimonial signed by someone at that company.

As you can see, hiring a commercial moving company for your corporate relocation requires some due diligence. For more information call our Premiere Van Lines Winnipeg, MB branch at 204-925-7795 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.