Choosing a reputable mover is so important. Each year hundreds of consumers end up victims of rogue movers. There are so many stories in the media about the horrors experienced by families who made the wrong choice. Avoid these situations by doing your research and due diligence.

Getting a proper moving quote will ensure that you do not end up with a rogue mover. Here are some guidelines to help you:

What Companies to Contact for a Quote

First, decide what companies to contact for a moving quote. The best choices are personal recommendations from family/friends or your realtor. Confirm they are members of the Canadian Association of Movers. Only professional moving companies can belong; they must abide by a code of ethics, and the Association is there to help if problems do occur.

How to Vet Moving Companies

Once you have confirmed that they are members of the Canadian Association of Movers, take the time to check their BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. Online Google or Facebook reviews can also be helpful.

Get an In-Home Visual Survey Done

Unless you have a small apartment or are only moving a few items, a professional moving company will send one of their representatives to your home to perform a visual survey. This way, they can see exactly what items are to be moved to provide you with an accurate moving quote.

Be wary of companies who refuse to have a representative come to your home. This is usually a sign of a rogue mover. Rogues may not have any of their own trucks. They subcontract your move to anyone who will take it; often, these companies try to charge you much more than the original quote. Or they will take your money and never show up on move day.

Moving Quotes Should Always be in Writing

A proper move quote should always be in writing and should detail all the charges. Be skeptical of companies who only send you a brief letter or email that indicates a price without any breakdown of what is included – this is another warning sign of a rogue mover.

When you get a moving quote from a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines, they will provide a comprehensive quote that includes a complete breakdown of the charges and a detailed room by room list that shows the estimated weight of each item so you can see how they calculated the estimated weight. Please note that if you add items after they performed the in-home survey, this will increase the weight of your shipment, which may lead to additional charges.

For more information or to arrange a free, no-obligation move quote, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671- 6683.