Are you moving long distance from Edmonton, Alberta or another city in Canada? If you are, you’re probably overwhelmed with the number of things you need to do before moving day. It’s no secret that the better organized you are for moving, the less stressful it’ll be for the entire family.

The first thing to do is arrange for your physical move to take place. Get recommendations for a good mover from family and friends. It’s also wise to contact moving companies at least six to eight weeks in advance for your cost estimates.

With professional movers like Premiere Van Lines, you’ll get more than just competitive pricing. Our moving consultants will help plan you move based on needs and budget. Not only will you receive expert guidance, advice and various service options, but we’ll also confirm arrangements and include a moving checklist.

While it’s true that most reputable companies will ensure all physical move aspects are taken care of, there are lots of things you can do to stay on track.

Here’s a top list of things people tend to forget in the midst of a long-distance move:

  • If you decide to do some or all your own packing, purchase moving supplies well in advance. This makes it possible to do your packing in stages. You can buy cartons and packing paper from your movers, a supplies outlet or stores like Home Depot.
  • Create your own moving calendar with a week-by-week list of things to be done.
  • A notebook is a good place to keep a list of moving related contacts including phone numbers, addresses and email addresses etc.
  • Keep a record of what move details were discussed with whom in your notebook, in case any problems arise.
  • Make a list of companies who need to be notified about your long-distance move.Include account numbers and contact info on the list. It will be make notifications more efficient if you have everything in one place.
  • Cancel any pre-arranged services like grass cutting, pool maintenance, newspaper delivery, snow removal etc.
  • Complete change of address at your local post office or use Canada Post’s online service.
  • Contact your bank and make arrangements to transfer money to your new account in destination city/province.
  • If you have a safety deposit box arrange to remove contents.
  • Notify home insurance broker to suspend coverage on your current house to coincide with closing date.
  • Arrange for homeowner’s insurance coverage on new home.
  • Contact local utilities, cable and telecommunications companies and arrange for disconnection.
  • Contact utilities, cable and telecommunication companies in new location and arrange for service.
  • Contact children’s school and arrange for a copy of their records. You’ll need them in order to enroll them in their new school.
  • Contact your doctor and arrange for a copy of the family’s medical records.
  • Contact your dentist and get a copy of records. Depending on where you’re moving ask if he/she can recommend a dentist in your new city.
  • Make an appointment with your veterinarian for a health check for family pet(s). Get a health certificate and a copy of records. Ask for a recommendation for a new vet in your new city.
  • If your pet is not already micro-chipped have it done in case your pet wanders or gets lost in your new location.
  • If your pet(s) will be shipped by air, make arrangements and obtain an airline approved crate in advance. It’s also a good idea to get your pet accustomed to the crate before moving day.
  • Arrange for child and pet care for moving day. There’s a lot going on while the truck is being loaded, and it’ll be easier if you don’t have to keep track of kids and pets.
  • Organize a “going away” party/outing for your children and their closest friends. Sometimes it’s too easy to forget how difficult a long-distance move can be on your children.

Staying organized is the key to a successful move. For more information or to receive a complimentary moving quote, call our Premiere Van Lines Edmonton office at 780-455-4502 or contact your local Premiere office.