Tricks to Make Moving with Kids Enjoyable for the Whole Family

Getting the kids excited about a move may take a little time and imagination but it is well worth the effort. Obviously children don’t have veto power when it comes to making a decision about whether to move or not to move, but when confronted with the news don’t be surprised if they are initially upset. However this negative reaction can be reversed or at least minimized if you make an effort to get them involved in as many decisions as is practical.

When moving with kids the trick is to make them feel that they will gain more than they lose. You want them to see the move as an opportunity to see new places, do new things and make new friends. Here are a few ideas on how you can help your kids and make the move more enjoyable for the entire family.

Timing the Move

If you have the option to schedule the move when you want, some experts feel that the month of August is ideal. It allows school age children the opportunity to complete the school year with their friends and enjoy some summer fun before moving. It also isn’t too long before the new school year begins after Labour Day. If the family can arrange for some vacation time before school starts, even better! As a family you can explore your new community, meet some neighbours, and make a few friends before getting into a regular routine.

Family House Wishlist

Before you start house hunting, sit down as a family and make a list of things you would like your new home to have. Make sure the kids get to contribute to the list.

Include Kids on House Hunting Trips

If practical, take your children with you on your house hunting trips. If this isn’t possible, do some initial search on-line and bookmark the ones you are interested in so that the kids can have a look and offer their opinions.

Research the New Community

Encourage the kids to do some on-line research about the new community and make a list of things they want to do when they get there. If your kids are involved in sports, dance, gymnastics or other recreational activities contact the local organizations to find out more about what is available.  

Plan a Visit to Your New Town

Once you have chosen a new home, plan a weekend visit so that the kids can get an initial idea of what the town has to offer. Try to schedule the trip to a time when there are some special events or festivals taking place which will add to the excitement of the visit.

Allow Kids to Decorate their Own Room

Take the kids with you to a paint store to look at colour swatches and allow them to choose what they want for their new room. If you will be buying new bedding or accessories for their room, allow them to make their own choices or at least offer an opinion from items you think would work in the new room.

Hold a Goodbye Party

Allow your kids to invite their friends over for a goodbye party. If there are wide differences in ages between children, you may want to hold more than one party. Take lots of pictures. Buy an address book for each child so they can record the contact information for their friends including email addresses.

Buy Prepaid Phone Cards

Even though your kids can call friends on the family phone plan, having their very own long distance phone card for a couple of initial calls may seem more fun especially for pre-teens.

Walk down Memory Lane

Most families have restaurants, theme parks, activities or other favourite places to go or things to do together. Have each kid choose the one they want before moving.

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