Moving overseas is a big step, especially if it’s to a country where English (or your native tongue) isn’t the main language. When you’re planning to move internationally from a city like Moncton, New Brunswick there can be a lot of questions to address prior to relocating. Here’s a top checklist to help you prepare:

1. What are the Rules?

Unless you’re already a citizen (by birth) of the country you plan on moving to, you’ll need to follow the immigration rules and regulations, and if you plan on working there you’ll also need to obtain a work permit.

For certain countries, this may pose difficult if they restrict work permits based on specific professions or skillsets. As a first step, start your research by contacting the country’s embassy for complete information on eligibility to immigrate. Most countries have comprehensive websites, however speaking directly to embassy or immigration officials, either in person, by phone or email is best.

2. Complete All Paperwork

Regardless of what country you’re interested in, you’ll be required to compete a number of forms and provide copies of official documentation when applying to immigrate. Some of this information may have to be notarized, and in some case original documentation will be needed.

Make sure to carefully read instructions on all forms, as it’s pertinent your application be completed so it’s not rejected. You’ll also find that most countries take a minimum of six months to process your application. Take this timeline into consideration beforehand.

3. Start Researching Jobs

Unless you’re being transferred by your employer or have already secured a job, you’ll need to do online search for suitable positions. Familiarize yourself with companies who hire people with your background, profession and skillset. Try to get an idea of average salaries so you can budget for accommodations accordingly.

4. Research Accommodations

Most people who move overseas tend to rent an apartment to start, even if they intend to buy eventually. Since it takes at least six months to have your papers approved for moving, use that time to research housing options. Take a look at different neighborhoods and see what public commute times are to get to central working areas.

If you plan on purchasing a home immediately, begin your real estate search online. For this, you might want to contact a real estate broker to learn more about local regulations. Buying real estate in a foreign country can be a lot more complicated than doing so in North America.

5. Join an Ex- Patriate Forum

Moving to a foreign country is a lot different than just visiting on vacation. If you’d like to get a better idea of what daily life is like, join an ex- pat online forum. The people you connect with can give you valuable information and practical tips about living in the country (and city) of your choice. This helps you get set up easier, and you might even make new friends as you arrive at your new location.

6. Contact a Professional Moving Company

Even if you don’t have an exact date for your overseas move it doesn’t hurt to contact a professional mover like Premiere Van Lines International in advance. We can help plan your physical move and the first step would be to have an International Moving Consultant meet you at your home and view items you plan to ship. This rep can provide various shipping options that you can choose to best suit needs and budget. Basic customs information and necessary paperwork will also be gone over with you.

Once you’re approved to immigrate, Premiere will then schedule all the packing and shipping of your possessions. An affiliate will also be assigned in your new country to act like a destination agent who’ll assist with customs clearance and delivery to your final address. Working with a professional moving company is essential if you want a smooth, problem-free overseas move.

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