People moving out of Edmonton (or another city) who want to keep to their moving budget can do some pre-planning that will accomplish just that goal.  It is really very simple. Moving costs are directly tied to the quantity of items shipped. For a local move, the number of hours required to load, travel and unload the shipment times the hourly rate equals the cost of the move. Similarly, with a long distance move the transportation cost is calculated basis on the scaled weight of the shipment times the tariff rate per hundred pounds for the specific distance is the primary basis for the moving cost. 

Therefore, customers who are anxious to control their moving budget should consider reducing the size of their shipment. We all have things that we no longer need or use or that have outlived their lifespan. Before moving is the ideal time to take stock of your possessions and purge your household of those things that you don’t want to include in your move. 

Most people know that having a certified moving consultant visit their home from a company like Premiere Van Lines is the starting point when planning a move. These professional individuals can help you plan your move, provide advice or suggestions and of course provide a comprehensive cost estimate. They will take the time to fully explain each step of the moving process and will discuss accessorial services like agent packing and cargo protection options.

If you are serious about controlling your moving budget it only makes sense to purge the contents of your home prior to moving day. The best way to do this is to go through your home prior to meeting with the moving consultant to decide exactly what is to be moved. This will allow the moving consultant to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible. Be ruthless with those unwanted items. No one needs to move your decades old collection of old magazines or toys your children grew out of years ago. Divide your possessions into four categories:

  1. Furniture and possessions that must be moved
  2. Items that can be sold at a garage sale or donated to a local charity
  3. Items that can be recycled including old style TVs and other electronics
  4. Broken items that should be disposed of at your local waste facility

Another good place to control your moving budget is the area of packing costs. Most people understand that having your moving company pack your china and other breakable items is the smart choice to ensure there is no damage during the move due to poor packing. However, if saving money on your move is your ultimate objective, there is no reason why you can’t pack your own non breakables like sheets, towels and other linens. To make sure your move is successful, you can purchase your cartons from your moving company. These cartons will be the right size and sturdier than just trying to scrounge up cartons from your local super market or other source. One tip that will make your move easier and will save you time and money at destination is to purchase wardrobe cartons from your moving company; that way you can just hang clothes direct from your closet and in turn you won’t spend hours ironing wrinkled clothing or spend money at your dry cleaners. Once the wardrobe cartons are emptied out at destination they will make ideal storage containers for out of season clothing. If you are moving locally, it may be possible to rent wardrobe cartons from your moving company. 

As you can see it is possible to control your moving budget with just a little forethought on your part. For more information, contact our Premiere Van Lines Edmonton office at 780-455-4502 or call Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.