Every person moving from Vancouver (or another city) wants to start out fresh in their new home. For most people moving is the ideal time to reorganize their belongings and rid themselves of all of those things that they never use or are broken beyond repair. 

The best time to start is several weeks before your move date and prior to having a moving consultant from your moving company like Premiere VanLines come in to give you an estimate. That way you will have a better idea of what will be moved and what items won’t be going on the truck. Knowing this in advance will help you keep moving costs down since what doesn’t get moved doesn’t have to be paid for.

Start by going down to your basement to see what has been stored there for years. Most families may be surprised to find that they have large pieces of furniture that they no longer need. For example, if you have replaced a sofa over the years, chances are you were reluctant to dispose of the old one. You were hanging on to the old sofa “just in case” but that day never came. 

The same thing is true with outgrown sports equipment. Now that the children are grown there is no reason to hang on to those smaller bicycles, skis, ski boots etc. These are the kind of things that would sell well at a garage sale as you go through your home identifying those things that you don’t want to move you should start by deciding which category they belong to:

  • Items that could be sold at a garage sale including clothing, outdated sports equipment, outgrown toys or unused small appliances etc.
  • Items to be given to family or friends
  • Items to go to a recycling centre including outdated electronics
  • Items beyond repair that should go to your local municipal disposal location

You will be amazed at how gratifying it is to use your move as an opportunity to reorganize your belonging and to start life in your new home free of clutter. For more information about arranging for your upcoming move including some useful advice on how to hold a garage sale or where to donate items, visit our blog or contact our Premiere Van Lines Vancouver office at 604-530-2221 or call Premiere Van Lines 1-877-671-668.