People in Toronto/Mississauga or other cities in Canada have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a moving company. Using the internet for searching has become almost “de facto”. Obviously, it presents the searcher with plenty of choice. Unfortunately, the internet can easily blur the difference between a professional mover and moving brokers who are often referred to as “rogue movers”. These days it is easy to have an attractive website that looks legitimate but really is the farthest thing from the truth. The old adage “buyer beware” definitely applies here.

When you consider that you are entrusting nearly everything you own to a mover it only makes sense to take a little extra time to do some due diligence to find a professional mover. One place to start is the Canadian Association of Movers website The moving companies who are members of CAM are required to meet a whole range of stringent standards before being approved. Companies like Premiere Van Lines also must abide by a code of ethics intended to protect consumers.


Moving brokers on the other hand will never be CAM members because they prey on uneducated consumers as opposed to protecting them. When you land on a moving brokers web site they will usually provide you with a low price sight unseen after taking some basic information over the phone. Unlike professional movers like Premiere Van Lines they will not offer to send a certified experienced moving consultant to your home to help you plan your move and provide you with a reasonable but realistic price. Every home is different and it is important to see exactly what needs to be moved. The moving consultant will present options to help you stay within your budget.

The reason a moving broker’s price is so low is because they generally do not actually handle the move. They sell it off to anyone who will take it and then take no responsibility for the final price. Usually the rogue movers will demand much more than quoted and hold your furniture ransom until you agree to pay the inflated cost. Some rogue movers will increase the price by double or more. As part of your due diligence go to the CAM website click on the “consumers” tab then choose “press releases”. Here you will read numerous press reports about consumers who have been take advantage of moving brokers/rogue movers. 

Pick-up or delivery:

Another area where moving brokers differ from professional movers is the all-important area of scheduling. Since moving brokers take no accountability for the actual moving services they are not bothered if the moving truck doesn’t show up. This is not an unusual occurrence especially during the busy summer season. If the mover who accepted the order is over-booked or get a move they prefer, then they either cancel or just don’t show-up and the consumer has no recourse. The family moving is left scrambling trying to find a mover at any cost.

Perhaps even worse is when furniture is not delivered on time and we don’t mean a day or two. Sometimes moves booked through a moving broker are weeks or even months late. It turns out that the company who accepted the order from the broker doesn’t have a truck heading in the direction of the move. Instead they offload the furniture in an unsecured location, without regard for damage and the customer is left frantically searching for their shipment. Again, the moving broker assumes no responsibility.

Contrast this situation with choosing a professional mover who guarantees the delivery time frame in writing and if for some unexpected reason it is late by a day or so, pay compensation for out of pocket expenses. One call to the moving company’s dispatch office will give you the most up to date delivery information.


The third most serious difference between moving brokers and professional movers is the area of damage to possessions. Again, the broker takes no responsibility and try chasing the company who did the move and you have a real recipe for frustration. This is opposed to a professional moving company who assists you in filing a claim and then makes arrangements for repairs or a cash settlement.

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