One of the things most families in Winnipeg (or other Canadian cities) who are moving worry about is what happens if something gets broken or damaged during the move. If you choose a company like Premiere Van Lines then this is something you don’t have to worry about because Premiere is also an agent for Atlas Van Lines, one of the country’s five national Van Lines. This provides you with an extra layer of protection.

Instead of using a rogue mover who generally will ignore any claims for loss or damage and give you the run around, companies like Premiere only employ the best trained and experienced people to work on the crew. The van operator is a professional whose performance is closely monitored under the company’s stringent quality control program. Unlike with rogue movers, companies like Premiere take full accountability for your satisfaction. When your furniture and other belongings are delivered, the driver will give you what is known as a “bingo sheet” to check off each item as it comes off the truck. The numbers on the bingo sheet correspond to the tag numbers that appear on you inventory forms. By doing this you can verify that each item that went on to the truck is in fact delivered. This is your guarantee against loss. You should take the time to closely examine your possessions to ensure that no damage occurred in transit. If you see any damage you should report it to your driver so he can make a note on your inventory form. 

One area that is sometimes missed is the condition of cartons. If you view any crushed cartons, then these should be reported as some of the contents could have been damaged. If you are doing your own packing, you could have damaged items if the packing was not done properly. This can be prevented by having the moving company pack your fragile and breakable items. Our skilled professional packers will use the best materials and techniques to ensure that your goods are properly packed so they don’t sustain any damage. If you do discover any new damage you should report it to you local Premiere Van Lines and request a claims form which you should complete and return. 

Another option since Premiere is an agent for Atlas Van Lines is filing your claim online by simply going to www.atlasvanlines.comand clicking online services. You will need your registration number which appears at the top of your bill of lading. Once the claim is received, Atlas will contact the destination agent assigned by Premiere Van lines to arrange for them to contact one of their pre-vetted vendors to inspect and arrange for repair. Please keep any damaged items and don’t dispose of them so they can be inspected. If a cash settlement is in order you will receive your cheque directly from Atlas Van Lines so you can feel secure about receiving your money. For more information about your upcoming move or claims procedures, contact Premiere Van Lines Winnipeg at 204-725-7790 or call 1 888-671-6683.