Industry statistics show that more than 50 per cent of families choose to move in the summer months especially if they are leaving Vancouver (or other cities). Not only is it easier to move when the weather is nicer but it is more convenient when children are out of school. Moving is always difficult for kids but during summer vacation it is thought that the transition is easier. However, if you must move in the winter there are things that you should consider:

A Winter Move is Best Done by Professionals – winter moving is not the best time for a “DIY” move. Amateur movers can get hurt while trying to move heavy furniture in less than ideal weather conditions. It is far better to leave the move to the professionals like Premiere Van Lines. Premiere’s crews are experienced movers who do the job each day and who has the right equipment to do the move in a timely and safe manner

Arrange for Removal of Snow and Ice –  depending on your destination you may find that your new location has experienced a recent snowstorm. It is unlikely that the previous homeowners made arrangements to have all driveways and walkways cleared adequately so that you can move in. It will be up to you (as the new homeowner) to make sure these areas are cleared of ice and snow so that your movers can move your belongings into your new home in a careful manner.

Arrange to have Utilities Turned on – winter means shorter days so it is important to make sure you have your electricity working on moving day. Also having heat turned on is useful as well even though the crews will be opening and closing doors continuously. Since the move will take several hours or maybe even the whole day, you want to be comfortable in your new home as you stay there to supervise the move.

Don’t Move Lacquered Furniture During the Winter – it is no secret that the temperature inside a moving truck gets very cold in the winter therefore the finish on some items like lacquered furniture can crack in the cold. Your Premiere Moving consultant will alert you to this potential problem and will assist you in making alternate arrangements before damage can occur. 

Plan on a Coffee Run – Your movers will be spending hours in the cold carrying your furniture and boxes from the truck and into your new home. It is hard work in less than optimal conditions so they will be very grateful if you bring them some coffee or another hot drink.

For more tips about moving in the winter months, contact Premiere Van Lines Vancouver at 604-530-2221 or call our office at 1-877-671-6683.