Moving in Toronto/Mississauga (or other cities) at any time of the year can be difficult but is especially so during the winter months. Everyone knows that moving is a stressful time in any family’s life. But then add the uncertainty of weather extremes into the mix and you have a recipe for even more stress.

Unfortunately, regardless of where you live, every Canadian knows how quickly what seems like an ordinary day can switch to a rainy, windy, icy or snowy mess. People in Southern Ontario can attest to this most recently. Sometimes the calendar is not a guarantee.

However, moving in winter conditions is a real test for any amateur person handling their own moving. Consider how long it takes for the regular non-professional person to try and figure out how to move furniture out of or into a home especially without proper equipment. Then couple this with the fatigue (and the fear of injury) that comes with moving in the cold or slippery conditions. 

Once your moving day is set; it is set in stone. Usually someone is waiting to move into your place. You can’t get up and see that the day is not ideal and then just decide to wait until a more favourable day. Unfortunately, this is rarely an option.

Far better to have made arrangements with a professional moving and storage company like Premiere Van Lines who will move you in any weather. These professional movers are accustomed to working in any conditions since this is what they do for a living. They know how to move your valuable possessions in a careful way while ensuring their personal safety. 

For starters with a professional company like Premiere Van Lines every member of the moving crew is an experienced mover who knows exactly what needs to be done and work as a coordinated team. In addition, they have the dollies, lifts, straps, decking and other equipment needed to move items in a safe and timely manner. They move you quickly and safely and as a bonus all your heat is not expended to the outdoors for endless hours. 

Unlike friends who may or may not show up to your “DIY” move, the moving company operations/ dispatch office ensures that the full crew is in place and is ready to accompany the lead van operator to your home for your move. The moving truck is in tip top mechanical condition and is ready to go. This is in contrast to the many reports of rental trucks that breakdown during a move. Just imagine doing your own move and then being stranded at the side of the road because the brakes failed on your rented truck. Far better to avoid this possibility by having a professional moving and storage company handle your move from start to finish.  

It becomes obvious to most people that hiring a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines is well worth it when you are moving in winter conditions or really at anytime. Every move has its challenges. Why not leave it to the pros. For more information about moving contact Premiere Van Lines Mississauga at 905-502-6683 or 416-679-1100 or call 1-877-671-6683.