Unlike previous generations, today we often operate in a “throw away” society, where people replace furniture and household possessions as soon as they show signs of wear and tear. However, if you’ve been fortunate to acquire family heirlooms, inherit or have purchased antique furniture pieces before – you understand how valuable they are, both from a monetary or sentimental perspective.

That’s why when it comes to moving from Edmonton, Alberta or other cities in Canada, you’re going to be naturally concerned about how best to move your antiques. Since any damage to older furniture pieces can downgrade their value, moving antiques is always best left to the professionals. Not only do companies like Premiere Van Lines have the expertise needed to properly prepare items before moving, but an antique moving company can assure success removal of antiques from your home, to transportation and then the repositioning or assembly of your pieces once at your new home.

Services to Look For

Keep in mind, you should never entrust antiques to a mover who doesn’t have extensive experience moving items of this nature. When hiring a moving crew, expect that they understand how fragile and valuable your antiques are, and look to make sure they work with the professionalism and respect for what they’re being asked to move.

Look also for companies willing to send a trained moving consultant to view the items needing transport at your home. Premiere Van Lines’ representatives always take the time to view, measure and photograph your antiques before deciding on best way to prepare them for safe transport. We also routinely handle moves from estate type homes, galleries and museums, which allow us to provide the same level of service to any family who requires antique items be moved.

Customized Solutions

By virtue of age, antiques are extremely fragile, sometimes the wood has dried out or veneers are loose and often intricate hardware or decorative appliques require removal before being moved. An expert antique mover will likely make the recommendation that wooden crates are the best way to protect these types of valuables during transport.

At Premiere Van Lines, we have specially trained personnel who can build crates to the exact specifications needed to fully protect any type of antique during the move. Every precaution is taken to carefully disassemble an antique and reassemble perfectly. Since antique furniture can often be extremely heavy, it’s imperative that the proper moving equipment be used to safely transport these pieces.

You’ll want your antique mover to have a full stock of clean moving pads to ensure no scratches during transit. Movers should also have the right dollies to support item weight, and the truck should be outfitted with straps and other necessary tie-downs to ensure furniture doesn’t shift position.

Choosing the right antique mover for your valuable possessions means you can rest easy knowing everything is being taken care of in good hands. For more information about antique moving, call our Premiere Van Lines Edmonton office at 780-455-4502 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines’ office.