Companies in Edmonton (or other Canadian cities) who needs a retail or commercial mover should use some specific criteria when choosing an appropriate moving company. Most people understand that a retail or commercial move is something that can’t be left to chance. Given that moving a retail store or a commercial establishment means that employees, vendors and customers are all impacted by the move. This means that thinking ahead and pre-planning are extremely important. 

When it comes to retail moves, not all movers are equal. You really need a company that has a separate commercial moving division. Companies like Premiere Van Lines CommerCial Division has a roster of personnel who are experienced in moving stores or offices. They also have all the specialized equipment that is necessary to get the job completed on time and on budget. Their dedicated installation people have the expertise and tools needed to disassemble and reassemble inventory racking, display cabinets and commercial work stations. 

Here are some items that a company should look for when choosing a retail/commercial mover:

  • Pre-planning – always choose a professional moving company who will assign a project manager to work with you the client to plan out each phase of the move from start to finish. 
  • Detailed Cost Estimate – ensure that your retail mover provides you with a detailed cost estimate for your move. This should always be in writing. It should detail what is required to complete the move. It should also itemize any items that may be excluded from the estimated price or that may involve additional charges. 
  • Timing is critical on a retail/commercial move. You want the minimum downtime and disruption to your operations. It is essential to be confident that the retail mover you choose has adequate trucks and personnel available to get the job done on the pre-established schedule so as to reduce inconvenience to all stakeholders. 
  • Coordination of Third Party Services- retail and commercial moves often require a portion of the work to be completed by specialty vendors (IT experts, telecommunication companies etc.). It is important that the retail mover chosen has the capability to communicate with these individuals and to coordinate their services in a manner that maximizes adherence to the schedule. 
  • Availability of Warehousing – when deciding on a mover you should choose a company like Premiere Van Lines that has its own modern, secure warehousing to accept delivery of new items intended for the new location and hold it until the appropriate time to deliver it out and get it properly installed. This kind of “just in time” services improves efficiency for the overall move. 

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