Companies in Vancouver (or other cities in Canada) looking for an office mover, need to do their due diligence if they want the move to be on time and on budget. To do anything less will seriously disrupt a company’s operations and not only cost them money, it may even cost them valued customers.

An office move must go like clockwork. It is not something to be left to chance. Hiring the wrong mover can cause serious problems for the company, its employees and other stakeholders.

A lot of companies out there purport to be office movers even though they don’t have the expertise.

Office moving requires extensive planning and meticulous coordination to be truly successful. When you are evaluating moving companies, here are some things to take into consideration:

A Separate Division

Moving companies by their nature are diversified but the difference for a professional company like Premiere Van Lines is that they have a separate commercial division to handle office moves both big and small. Their commercial division has specialty equipment and experienced office moving crews to handle these important moves. The people who work on office moves work in a team environment to maximize the disassembly and loading at origin in a very organized and timely manner. At the same time a separate team is stationed at destination to accept delivery and start the set-up of offices and work stations. This way they work in a coordinated fashion to reduce downtime and everyone knows time saved means money saved.

Project Manager

A professional moving company like Premiere Commercial always assigns a project manager from the outset. This individual works with the person assigned by the company moving to do a thorough assessment of every facet of the move and then to ensure all plans are executed. Working as the liaison the project manager provides guidance for the employees; sets the schedules; arranges for the packing; organizes third party services; ensures that the proper equipment is in place and generally oversees the entire project.

Accessorial Services

The best office movers offer a “one stop shop” experience. They have the factory trained installers who are capable of disassembling, reassembling or reconfiguring work stations. These installers have the necessary tools and expertise needed for a wide variety of furniture manufacturers. Having this option goes a long way toward making a move go more smoothly.

Storage and Disposal

When a company decides to move they often purchase some new furniture. Often these items are not all delivered at the same time. This is where the clean, modern storage facilities of a professional office mover comes in handy. They can accept deliveries on a staggered schedule and then hold the inventory until it is time to deliver the new pieces to the new office location. At the same time, they can store unused items that a company may want to keep for future use. Finally, companies like Premiere can also arrange for disposal of items that are no longer needed. Offering service options is a big plus for the office mover.

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