Families in Vancouver, British Columbia or other cities across Canada may find they need a moving storage facility for a few weeks, a few months or an even longer term. Whether the need for storage arises due to a new home being built, out of country work or you’re still actively searching for a new house – Premiere Van Lines understands the necessity to have your possessions stored safely and returned in original condition.

When it comes to relocating, each year there are media reports about moving horror stories. While some situations involve having customer goods stored in less than optimal conditions, one worst case scenario reported a customer discovering their belongings stored in an old, rodent infested barn. Not only was there extensive damage to possessions but many items went missing. The company involved also took no liability and even with the intervention of a consumer agency and small claims court, the owners of the goods got no recourse or compensation. Turns out, they had chosen a “rogue mover”, who offered an incredibly low price for the storage.

To avoid this kind of storage situation, choose your moving and storage company very carefully. When you entrust practically everything you own to a moving company, you want to be confident that they’re taking every precaution necessary to properly care for your belongings. This is especially important if you require storage that’ll be out of sight for an extended amount of time.

With a company like Premiere Van Lines, we have the dedicated personnel, equipment and warehouse facilities needed to ensure moving and storage success.

All Premiere warehouses are equipped with:

  • Federal Government inspections and approval
  • Pest control programs
  • Fire protection
  • Alarm systems
  • Full time warehouse personnel
  • Comprehensive liability insurance
  • Detailed storage document files

When using our services you can also be assured that the following steps are part of every regular moving and storage assignment:

  • Every item will be inventoried at your home before being placed on the moving truck
  • Any existing damage will be noted on inventories
  • Items will be wrapped in clean moving pads before being placed on truck
  • Light-coloured upholstered furniture will be stretch-wrapped first then wrapped in moving pads before being placed on the truck
  • Items will be carefully inspected when being taken off the truck and into the warehouse
  • A comprehensive storage file will be prepared with all documentation and location records
  • Items will wrapped in storage pads before being placed in clean, wooden storage vaults
  • Stretch-wrapped chairs and sofas will be stored on chesterfield racks
  • Area rugs will be rolled and wrapped and placed on specialty racking
  • If you need to remove items during your storage period, Premiere can give you access to your storage vaults
  • When you’re ready for delivery, your wooden storage vaults can be loaded directly onto a pallet truck

Charges for short and long term storage are typically based on a monthly charge. Keep in mind, the one exception to this rule is if you’re moving long distance and the destination for your goods is another one of our storage facilities. In this case the first 60 days of storage is a per hundredweight charge tied to the weight of your shipment based on the tariff used for your move. After 60 days, monthly charges will apply.

For more information on best-practice moving and storage services or to schedule a free cost estimate, call our Premiere Van Lines Vancouver office at 604-530-2221 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office today.