Everyone moving out of Winnipeg (or another city) knows that packing is one of the hardest parts of the move. Knowing where to start can sometimes be overwhelming. Depending on how much time there is between when you start and when you actually have to move is usually the deciding factor. If you are fortunate enough to have a few weeks between these time frames, it will make your job easier and keep you more organized.

If the foregoing is your situation it makes the most sense to start with those items, you don’t require for day to day living. You could start with packing up things from your garage, garden shed or basement where items are stored away and are not being used on a daily basis. 

Then you can move on to toys or out of season sports equipment that might not be in use. When packing up your dishes most people have a set of good dishes and one of everyday china. If you are moving, try to reduce the number of items that you use each day in order to reduce the ultimate amount of packing. Similarly, you can start early packing up serving bowls and collectibles from your dining room. Go through your home to identify those items that are not immediately needed.  Extra appliances like your bread maker or waffle iron can be packed up in advance. Chances are you won’t be using them just prior to moving. 

Out of season clothing is another thing that can be packed early on. If you are moving during the summer months, you won’t need your winter parkas, hat, gloves and boots.  

If you are planning on staying in your home the night before your move, leave your bedding to the end. If you are having a moving company like Premiere Van Lines handle your packing, ask them to leave the boxes for bedding unsealed. You can do it quite quickly when you get up in the morning.  You will also want to pack a “last on…first off” box of supplies needed for the first night in your new home. 

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