A trusted, professional moving service can be critical for companies in Brandon, Manitoba, and businesses who are relocating across Canada. Regardless of company size, it’s imperative that office moves are completed on schedule and on budget, so that daily operations aren’t disrupted for long.

Since employee productivity is essential for success, a disorganized office move that lacks communications can impact negatively. Likewise, an improperly executed business relocation can make it more difficult for customers to be serviced in a timely manner.

When you hire professional office moving services like Premiere Van Lines – we have a dedicated Commercial Office Moving Division that specializes in relocating offices. Not only will we ensure your move is conducted in an efficient manner, but we’re extensively experienced in large or small company moves and have a roster of client testimonials for your access.

If you’re thinking of booking an office relocation, here’s a top list of what office moving services include:

A Comprehensive Written Bid

How much will it cost? This is probably the first question asked by any company considering an office move. Since there are many elements involved in relocating, it’s pertinent that a budget be drawn up and adhered to. To start, a professional office move company like Premiere will have an estimator meet with you to thoroughly analyze what’s required for your specific move.

Based on information gathered, we’ll prepare a comprehensive bid that details all the costs for a business relocation. A complete breakdown of expenses will make it easier to compare other bids. Note, if you come across a bid that’s significantly lower than other bids, ask the bidder to confirm their offer includes all the same services as the other bids you’ve received.  

Assignment of a Project Manager

An office move includes a lot more than hiring a company with a truck and a few men to load and unload it. Rather, it involves a great deal of planning in order to execute in a timely and professional manner. This is why companies like Premiere begin by assigning an experienced project manager to plan each stage of the move. Not only will a project manager develop a communication plan so all employees are filled in, but they’ll set up a schedule, review floor plans and identify vendors for third party services. Basically, the project manager is the main liaison between the relocating company and all the moving crew and service providers.

Specialized Resources

From different sized trucks with electronic tailgates to specialized equipment for high-value items, furniture pads, crates and platform dollies – office moving services ensure you have all the resources necessary to transport expensive artwork and reassemble work stations.

Professional Packing Materials

When you’re moving offices, plastic bins are an effective and eco-friendly way to move office files. Professional moving services often include a team of experienced packers who’ll make arrangements to pack up your documents a few days prior. The assigned project manager will also have plastic bins delivered to employees so they can pack up desk contents and personal items beforehand.

Pre-Move Meetings

Staff meetings will be coordinated by the project manager to communicate what is happening at various stages. Instructions and answers to employee questions will also be addressed at that time.

Organizing Third Party Services

Office moving services also include the coordination of third party services with outside vendors. This can extend to contractors, new furniture suppliers and computer technicians.

Storage, Staging and Disposal

With a professional moving company like Premiere, short-term or long-term storage is provided. Whether you have new “staging” purchases you need temporary storage for or disposal of old furniture and equipment is necessary, office moving services can take care of it all.

For more information or to book your move today, contact your local Premiere Office Moving division.