This blog will discuss what to expect when moving cross-country in Canada.

Choosing a cross-country mover

Not all movers have coast-to-coast affiliations. Ensure the movers you contact are part of a national chain and belong to a long-standing van line.

Why is this important? You are entrusting everything you own to a mover, so please take the time to do some research before you select a professional cross-country mover. Also, contact the Canadian Association of Movers to ensure they are a member in good standing.

Moving quote

A professional mover will send a moving consultant to your home to see what is being moved. This will help them determine an estimated weight for your shipment.

The moving consultant will create a quote for your cross-country move based on the estimated weight of your shipment. Extra services you may need, such as packing and unpacking, appliance servicing, or shipping a vehicle, will be added to the quote.

We always recommend that customers purchase replacement value protection for their move. Check with your home insurer first to see if a move is covered under your policy.

Loading and delivery

Your cross-country move will be loaded on the day you request. Remember, summer is the busiest time of year for movers so book your move early if you are moving in the summer.

You will be given a delivery timeframe for your cross-country move. This time frame allows the driver to load other shipments and fill out his trailer before traveling across Canada.


Payment for your cross-country move must be made before the driver unloads your shipment.

Once payment has been made, the driver and crew will unload your shipment and place the furniture and boxes in rooms as directed by you. To avoid being overwhelmed, create a floor plan, so you know what furniture is going in each room. This will make unloading quicker.  

To reduce clutter, ask the movers to stack boxes against the walls.


If you purchased packing and unpacking services, the moving company will unpack your boxes the next business day. Sometimes, if it is a small move, they may unpack the same day your shipment delivers.

For more information on cross-country moves, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683. Premiere has 12 locations across Canada to serve you. As a proud agent for Atlas Van Lines, Premiere is affiliated with an additional 120 Atlas agents in Canada.