People in Winnipeg or other cities who are thinking about moving need to give some thought to the timing of their move as this can impact the cost and the overall success of the move. 

If you are moving locally (under 150 km), you may find the hourly cost of the moving company is less if you move in the middle of the month instead of the end of the month when there is significantly more demand for their services.

The same thing applies to the days of the week. Consider the first three days rather than the end of the week. When you do your initial research, ask the movers if they offer savings for mid-month moves. Moving in the spring, fall or winter can also result in significant savings as the demand for moving services is less during these months.

If you are moving long distance, the reliability and quality of the mover is the most important factor to consider. Over 60 percent of people moving long distance move in the summer months, so the best movers are in high demand. There are a limited number of trucks and crews to service all these customers so book your move early and choose a reputable moving company like Premiere Van Lines.

Unfortunately, there are many rogue movers in Canada who ramp up their websites and advertising in the busy months. Take the time to check your mover’s ratings with the Better Business Bureau in your region and the Canadian Association of Movers to ensure the mover you hire is a professional.

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