Packing for moving is a big job. Done correctly, all of your valuable possessions will survive the move damage free. A major part of proper packing is using the right type of sturdy boxes for specific types of goods. Things like china, crystal, mirrors, and artwork really need to be packed in specialty boxes that are designed for these fragile items. This is especially important if you are moving long distance where the packed cartons will be transported hundreds if not thousands of miles. The last thing you want to see is crushed cartons when your moving truck arrives at your new home.

Invest in Moving Boxes

To ensure that your belongings are fully protected during the move it is wise to invest in the purchase of good quality moving boxes. There are a number of places where you can buy moving boxes and most of them will allow you to return any unused boxes for a refund. The big box stores like Home Depot sell various sizes of moving boxes, and there are a number of moving supplies outlets who do so as well. If you are doing your own move, then you can buy boxes from U-Haul or other truck rental firms.

If you are moving on a local basis you may want to consider renting plastic bins from companies like FrogBox. Just keep in mind that these bins are not suitable for all types of goods especially very delicate or odd shaped or sized items. As an alternative to bin rental you may want to purchase some plastic storage bins for tools or other similar items. Be sure to buy good quality storage bins, Rubbermaid brand, so that they can be properly stacked on a moving truck.

Buy Straight from the Source

One of the best places to buy moving boxes is from a moving company like Premiere Van Lines. Since Premiere purchases moving cartons in bulk directly from manufacturers and distributors, we can pass some of our corporate savings on to you.

Not only does Premiere sell a full range of professional grade moving boxes for all types of goods, we can also provide all of your other packing supplies including packing paper, bubble-wrap and proper mover’s tape. The china cartons sold and used by Premiere for our packing service are triple-walled, heavy duty ones. These professional boxes offer maximum protection for china and other fragile items. Premiere’s telescoping mirror and picture boxes are also specifically designed to accommodate various sizes of artwork, mirrors, glass tabletops etc. Also available are extra sturdy wardrobe cartons with a hanging bar to keep your clothes clean and wrinkle free throughout the move. We have the right carton for every packing requirement.

In addition Premiere will be happy to provide you with professional packing tips to make the job easier for you. For more information about buying moving boxes or to learn more about our professional packing service, please contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.